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Stoked their are sound buffs like myself...
Call Audio Classics in Vestal New York.  They will give you excellent advice and service.  
Songs that sound like Dylan
The Masked Marauders.  
Magnepan LRS Support Group?!
Jason Bourne is typically a champion of moderately priced gear. I’m surprised he isn’t supporting the excellent value that the lower price Maggie’s offer.  I gave my MMGs that were my first dip into planars to my son. Currently running 1.7s and th... 
Is it me? Will I ever be satisfied?
You can’t get no….  
Maggie 1.7i's lack detail. Ideas?
I vote for all of the above.  They did not make 3.7s forty years ago. I think you should ditch the Sony dvd and get a modern cd transport and dac. The 1.7s should make you happy.  
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
I purchased a McIntosh MA 6100 in 1978. I’m still using it in a third system in my record storage room. It sounds great.  I also bought a previously owned MA 6900 in 2007 from Audio Classics in Vestal NY.  It is a full featured integrated that kee... 
Your single most significant purchase mistake?
Tell her. She divorced me.    
Your single most significant purchase mistake?
My first wife.  
Agreed. Best playoffs ever  
Fabulous!!!   Go Bengals!!!! You did it!!  
Go Bengals!!  
Is High End Audio catchin' up with you all?
I’m an outlier like Carlsbad.  50 to 60 beers a week.  5 to 6 days a week in bars chasing women half my age. Few can keep up. I don’t work 60 hours a week anymore. I don’t want to.  When I listen to music, I focus on the music and little else. I... 
What are your favorite "HOT" songs?
Cash Burning Ring of Fire  
Anybody here listen to Mahler?
Agreed. Just listened to symphony #2.  Resurrection.  Leonard Bernstein with New York Philharmonic Orchestra.  Incredible.  
Guess How Big My Speakers Are
Size doesn’t matter.  It’s how many springs you put them on.