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Oppo 95 vs Sony 5400/9000/777 who owned both?
Thank you for the input. I'll have to find an Oppo dealer and give it a try. At least I know it's in the same ballpark. 
Oppo 95 vs Sony 5400/9000/777 who owned both?
I have a Denon DVD-A 3300 for DVDs and the TRL modded Sony 777 for redbook & SACD. So only one shelf instead of 2.I have tested my 777 with my friends Audio Research DAC 7 and I was surprised how well the TRL 777 did. The DAC 7 had a very slig... 
Mitch Singerman EAR 834p mod
Thanks for your input gentleman. I had looked into a AR PH-3 but the gain was not enough for my LOMC. So, I could change my cartridge and sell the EAR for a PH3 or go with the EAR mod and try to strike middle ground. Choices! Well I already own th... 
Mitch Singerman EAR 834p mod
Salectric, there is the Affordable Audio website, which I read is Mitch Signerman's business. It doesn't give a lot of detail but does tell you what he does for his mod. 
Mitch Singerman EAR 834p mod
Frogman, Thanks for the description. That is the info I was looking for. Question, was that description for level 1 or level 2 or both or beyond? I was looking at the level 1 which is quoted at $250 and maybe the level 2, which is another $125, ac... 
VPI Classic 1 use of the cork mat
Late last night I tried the cork and the Herbie's. The cork sounded a bit different but not much. The Herbie's was a different sound altogether. The Herbie's seemed to have a very black background, smoother but not quite as quick or dynamic. Of co... 
sut with phono pre, does it keep the pre's signatu
Thanks for the input. I am tube rolling at the moment but also thought about giving Mitch a call to find out about his affordable mods to the EAR 
sut with phono pre, does it keep the pre's signatu
I am not sure whether or not I am going the SUT direction. It was suggested by the previous owner of the EAR. He said that the MC section is the weak link on this unit. I realize that it will go through the MM but I just didn't know if you only ge... 
Simaudio 110LP vs PS Audio GCPH, others under $600
Thanks for your imput! 
Clearaudio cmb Emotion vs VPI Scout Master ?
Thanks for the input !Fran 
Has anyone owned both P500 & hydra 8 / guardian
Thanks for the tip. Although both good, did you like the Shunyata or PS better ? 
What is the Mcintosh Sound & how does it compare ?
thanks for the input. So I assume the Mac has very little signature compared to these other models. 
any one hear the new b w 683 yet?
I heard the 683 briefly and was definetly impressed, especially in the in the $1400 price range. Much smoother and much better imaging than the 604, as far as I can recall. The mids were the usual B&W stand out feature. The overall sound was v... 
Any Thorens restore/mod shops in NW ?
Thanks for the good information gang !CheersFrano 
MDF or Plywood for best sound in Hi-Fi rack ?
Very informative, thanks for the ideas and input gang !