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TOP TEN replies you don't want from your spouse ..
Probably the biggest one is “What are you doing down there?” Oh wait, are we talking about audio stuff?  
John Strohbeen from Ohm Acoustics passed away
RIP John! Best regards to family and friends!  I truly hope that Ohm will survive and that a good plan was in place for the employees and business!   
Ohm for Sale
I also wonder how this might affect the German distribution, Audible Emotions. It would also be a shame for that to go away. Mathias Ertl at AE is a good fellow, and does what he can do to see that Ohm goodness is brought to Germany. Time will tel... 
Ohm for Sale
Good on you Map, nice when something just works and sounds so good, and has been a part of your system for so long. Nice to be able to keep things going!    I imagine John will do everything he can to make sure things are in good hands with the ... 
Ohm for Sale
Map, your Ohms will be pretty much serviceable for a long time, with a bit of DYI or someone else doing it for you! All will be good!  
Ohm for Sale
I had seen/read about the "Up for Sale" a couple of days ago, and figured there would be a thread on it at some point.   I am sure John is probably looking forward to spending a bit more time maybe with his other interests in art, etc., and not ... 
Does Anyone Else Member the Golden Age of Audio Insults and Product Degradation?
Magnavox-Maggot Box  
Does Anyone Else Member the Golden Age of Audio Insults and Product Degradation?
Another version of McIntosh-Macintoss.  Grundig-Gruntpig GoNAD I am sure there are others....  
Your experience in "in their day" brands/components that you remember foundly?
The mid 70’s and early 80’s were so much fun for me, I would go in to the local Playback store and eyeball all the goods, all the Pioneer amps and receivers, cassette decks and turntables, I lusted over the fine looking Phase Linear gear, Harman/K... 
Basic Budget Bookshelf speakers
I know the OP was quite some time back, one fairly inexpensive speaker that I am sure flies under most radar-or maybe never even heard of, that I heard fairly recently, the Human Speakers Model 81. Less than 700 bucks new, really enjoyed it. Well ... 
$50k - $80k Budget…Opinions please.
With a budget like that, if possible, seek a good dealer or three, and listen to complete systems, not just individual components hodge-podge. Then start narrowing down likes/dislikes, and whatever requirements you need for your system. Then, demo... 
Rega planar 3 (50th Anniversary)
I am intrigued by this as well. See what the pricing will be once it hits the US.   
Could these be your next cable loom??...and price be damned.
Wonder what the resale value is....😬  
Ohm Walsh 2000 regrets
True, very different in ways, but both can make some really good music! If you have to get rid of one, make a note of all of your priorities and go from there, and try not to get into a big hurry, otherwise, regrets can come along. Have fun!  
Vandersteen 2ce Sigs with bass coupler issue
Yes, maybe not a long time solution perhaps, but one never knows. At least maybe you will have enough time on them to hear how things go. Good luck!