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Projector Power Cords
all of the power cords matter people dont realize that there is a lot more standard copper inside the unit after the iec connector, then a power supply full of standard parts then many more feet of copper traces running the internal power around t... 
Gallo Nucleus Reference II
im not sure what youre asking or saying but the gallo reference were absolutely fantastic speakers.  the biggest downside being that if the tweeter dies theres no way to replace it.  I have a pair of gallos and they are just fabulous. 
Projector Power Cords
there is no way a power cord that is connecting hundreds of feet of regular copper to a few feet of regular copper inside the projector that then feeds a power supply is going to have any effect on the image of the projector.  placebo can help a l... 
Time to buy a class D amp?
atmosphere is right on this one.  class d is just like any other amp.  the sound is in the details of the designer.  noise your dog can hear?  old crt monitors exibit a whine at 36000hz.  you cant hear it.  Ive heard terrible class d amps and wond... 
Speaker wire polarity on a powered subwoofer
since the audio for each instrument is recorded separately, how on earth is it out of polarity with the rest of the music? Thats really not how polarity works. 
DACs for older gear
The bryston sp3 is still sold and sounds absolutely fabulous.  dac technology is very mature and has sounded great for many many years.  I still have a meridian dac from the 90s that is wonderful sounding.   
What are these speakers that came with my home worth?
although dated those dd subs still keep up with some of the best subs made.  They lose a little demand for being 18" which is pretty large for most peoples homes.  The meridian are amazing speakers but also a bit dated and not often looked for.  T... 
Audio output for a non-HDMI pre-amp
depends on the tv, some pass 5.1 and some do not.  if it does pass the bitstream, either method is just fine.   
HDMI or Optical for the long run to the projector?
run a long hdmi.  when you inevitably upgrade the apple tv your next device wont have an optical output and youll need the long hdmi anyway.  the 4k hdmi you have is rated for 18gbps and is fine.   
Speaker upgrade question - Wilson vs Focal
Ive never liked wilsons despite hearing them countless times.  So between those two the focals would win handily, but maybe we have different taste.  In that price bracket I would really be looking at Sonus Fabers or Vandersteens but thats my tast... 
Kii3 loudspeakers
There are lots to compare but none other than the Dutch and Dutch mentioned above that perform the same dsp phase correction and room equalization.  The Barefoot monitors are comparable to see what you like but they are a totally different sound. ... 
Best multi channel amp and processor good for 2 channel listening.
I own electrostats in a 5.1 configuration.  The only speakers that I liked more were some sonus fabers.  I have a bryston sp2 and i keep an eye out for the right deal on an sp3 with the 4k board.  Its difficult to keep up with hdmi standards which... 
Sell your $$$ cables and conditioners... affordable LITHIUM is here!
I cant take any of this seriously when the final test was done with a smart speaker.   
3k Budget for Cartridge, Phono-Pre, and Cables - Recommendations Please
Sumiko blackbird is my first choice for rock.  dynavector xx2 is my favorite cart.  Audio Technica Art 9 is my favorite cart for the money.  Sutherland 20/20 is a fantastic preamp with selectable loading to help fit desired sound.  Personally i th... 
Mixing balanced and unbalanced inputs/outputs on Ayre preamp - amateur question!
@atmasphere  I am very much into high end home audio and aware of what audiogon is about (pro audio just happens to be my job).  I will always agree theres nothing wrong with balanced connections or balancing throughout the signal path within a un...