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Small room electrostat/ planar speaker?
i wonder who keeps saying you cant make good bass in a small room?  cars make great bass, headphones make great bass,  yes a bigger room is advantageous but good bass is very much an option in a small room.  that being said, I like the suggestion ... 
Critique my setup
I love sonus faber speakers but they would be far from my first choice for your musical preference.  Since speakers are the most important element in a system i would go out and listen to a few.  My first choice would be some revel's, I also like ... 
Hum coming from Left and Right channel - RCA to XLR Adapter
if there is a hum there is a ground loop.  the transformers suggested above will fix it but it should be able to be fixed with a cable.  if you can solder you could build a cable for $10 that would test this.   I would also check if the A/C plugs ... 
Upgrading front 3 speakers to GoldenEar Triton Reference or B&W Nautilus 800?
you should never run 2 center channels especially if one of them is in the ceiling. 
Reducing Background Noise On Records
when you clean your records, do you get them wet then brush then let the liquid sit for 5 minutes?  I dont do this with every record but for the ones that need the most help.  Then rinse.   
Filling speaker stands: sand, lead, steel, rice. Full, half, etc?
i think sand is the best filler.  its small and absorbs a lot of energy.  The height is dependent on the height of the speaker stands.  you dont want to make them top heavy but the more sand you put in the better they dampen any vibrations.  Filli...