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subs for Sonus Faber Cremona M floor standing
He's my dilemma: I already have one REL 505, and I can find another on 'Gon for about $1000. If I switch to the Velodyne DD12 (same piston size as the 505)I will want/need 2 and the cost will run to $3000+ if I buy them used.My question is, will 2... 
subs for Sonus Faber Cremona M floor standing
Raul,I own a pair of SF Cremonas along with a REL R505 subwoofer. I would like to add a second sub, and was considering another 505, but after reading your posts I am now considering a Velodyne or 2. However, I also have the option of 2 Rel 505's ... 
PSB Synchrony One's or Legacy Classic HD's
Bad dog Charlie, bad dog. You've gone and done terrible things Charlie...(I also own a pair Synchrony 1's and love them). 
I recently heard the Cremona M's connected to Classe CA-M600 amp, and Ayre preamp and CD player. The sound was absolutely beautiful. $14,000 for the amps, $3500 for the preamp. I may take the plunge myself in the not to distant future. 
Amp for Sonus Faber Cremona - old model
Thanks all - I've read good reviews about all of your recommendations. I'm in no rush - probably will demo this summer and purchase in the late fall. 1200w? OMG that must be otherworldly.I think my budget will be Any other Cremona lovers care to r... 
Anyone listened to PSB Synchrony Ones?
I just picked up a demo pair of Synchrony One's, powered by an Integra DTR-9.9. I am absolutely astounded at how good they sound. Sound stage, bass response, clear and grain free mid and top end. I love them. The Integra is rated at 145wpc into tw...