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Shopping at Goodwill anyone?
My journey into the crazy world of hifi began when I picked up the iconic NAD 3020 at a Value Village (Canadian thrift store chain - not sure if it’s actually American?).Now I make the thrift store rounds every few months, scouring the record bins... 
Phono Stage Recommendation $3000
I'm happy with my Benz Lukaschek PP-1 TT9. Sounds like you want something higher end, and tube, though.Just thought I would chime in for lower budget suggestions. 
For tube sound, which is more important: preamp or power amp?
My solution is to bi-amp, using a SET for the tweeter/mids, and a Push Pull for the woofers.And I use a PS Audio SS pre-amp, but in passive mode most of the time, which keeps me all tube. Only when I really want to blast the Stravinsky, do I add s... 
high frequency intermittent noise
It sounds like cheap computer noise.Are you using a computer as your source? 
Jazz for aficionados
On vinyl- Miles and Monk At Newport (The Monk side)- John Coltrane A Love Supreme- Stravinsky Ebony Concerto - Woody Herman and His Orchestra(Stravinsky conducting the Columbia Symphony and Pierre Boulez and the Ensemble Intercontemporain are kick... 
For tube sound, which is more important: preamp or power amp?
For maximum 2nd order harmonic distortion (and since I mostly use a passive preamp), my answer would be tube power amp. 
Horn based loudspeakers why the controversy?
My Tannoy dual concentric horn loaded tweeters just died after a particularly loud POP on a vinyl disc.Not sure if I am going to keep pursing horns. 
Looking for input: Best material for mid range cone
The wood that my viola is made from, is the best material.IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE AN ACTUAL VIOLA! ;) 
I used to think passive preamps were superior to active preamps given right the setup, but
My electrons sound better than your electrons. 
Greatest Rock Drummers
Bobby Graham! RIP (1940-2009).This powerhouse drummer provided the backbeat to those amazing early Kinks hits - You Really Got Me, All Day and All of the Night, I Gotta Move. Such authority, and such minimal fills - no stupid show off crap. 
What's the weak link in my system?
I have a budget system, too (WAY more budget than yours!). So maybe my experience will be useful.I went with the advice I was getting, that the turntable and arm are the most important item in a vinyl playback system. Which meant replacing an old ... 
What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?
Low budget stuff here (except for the Linns)1994 - Wharfedale CRS 31998 - ADC 303AX2013 - EPI M1802014 - Linn Sara 92016 - EPI M70         - NHT Super Zero2017 - Tannoy 609         - Audio Pro A2.14 Live 
Shure M91ED - replace cartridge or just get new stylus?
While my SL-220s may be the weak links in my two systems, they sure sound good. Especially since they were essentially free.I’m running one with a vintage Grado XF-3 with new 8MZ stylus, and it sounds very good. Black background, very balanced and... 
Spin Clean seems to add noise to records?
I’ve found a two-stage Spin Clean regimen works for me; clean as directed, then empty the basin, refill with only distilled water, clean the brushes, and clean records again in this rinse.Allow records to air dry (if environment is not particularl...