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Should I still buy a CD player? Suggest one?
NAD 546 is plenty good. ORBuy a new Creek on eBay if insurance will compensate. 
Need tips to better my sound
What soix said.At the $150/yr special you will not find better SQ for the buck than Qobuz.You can blow $360/yr on Tidal+Roon and get NO better SQ.Not intersested in proprietary MQA.  Either is Linn, Schiit, etc.It "does not solve any problem that... 
The best tweeter is no tweeter
Janszens front, Raal ribbon center, AMTs rear. All good in those positions. 
i'm looking for something that may not exist
My Cowon Z2 playing RedBook is more involving than my A&K playing 24-96. Great headphones not required. 
Music with differences between class A and class D amplifiers
The answer is n/a.Many other factors affect the "sound" besides topology.No A, AB, D musical tests exist for good reason. 
downloading music worth listening to on a computer
Not enough info to make suggestions.Clean out earwax, toke up.What? 
Beginner Audiophile. How to chose a right amp? Recommendation for my setup?
In your <$1K I recommend PS Audio S300. I see them used for $900.Mine plays magic with my miniDSP Studio (why pay for a redundant internal DAC?)300 w/ch Into my 4 ohm ESLs is all the power I desire.Audio Arts or Wireworld are my recommendations... 
Does raising speaker cables off the floor really make a big difference?
Come to think about it, I already have a test setup for this baloney. I'm running an 8' pair of Audio Art that have improved the SQ from the previous Tara Labs. One channel is routed on the floor. The other through the floor it and then suspended ... 
Are "streamers" the new "transports"?
I think that you left out the sweet spot 2.5https://www.magnahifi.com/en/webshop/product/mano-ultraorhttps://www.minidsp.com/products/streaming-hd-series/shd-studioBoth in the $800-$1000 range.I have the Studio, I like it better than my BluNode.It... 
The Music Room - Boulder Colorado
It's been my experience 100% that if a vender doesn't listen or respond to you they WILL react to a PayPal dispute within 48 hours. I only do web business with Amazon or PayPal. No exceptions.