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Bi-amping + speaker crossovers = redundant?
I use three way tri amped system. My system was built that way, however, you can do it yourself. You can use an external xover such as the Bryston 10b xover. Pre out to cross over the to three matched amps amps to the speakers. The volume control ... 
Difference between 720p and 1080p projectors?
look at for answers to many technical questions regarding projectors 
Which Universal Remote?
I just saw a new program on the itunes apps store called Red Eye by Thinkflood. It says it can turn an IPhone or Ipod Touch into a universal remote. Sounds interesting, however, I have not seen any reviews on it yet. 
Jazz vocals recommendations please
here are some articles regarding building a jazz library focasing on vocals1917-1950 - - - 
Jazz vocals recommendations please
For others that haven't yet been mentioned, try Kurt Elling, Natalie Cole, Dianne Reeves, Cassandra Wilson, Cleo Laine, Rachelle Ferrell, Abbey Lincoln 
AR/Aragon Has anyone used this combo?
used ARC LS2B with Aragon 8008B feeding Thiel speakers. Worked well. 
haunting/dark classical
I Second Gorecki Symphony #3Try Also Tchaikovsky Symphony #6 and Shostakovich #7 & #8Enjoy 
Any woodworkers wanna offer some advice?
Choose whatever wood you like the looks of. For open shelves quarter sawn (straight grained) might provide better stability and go with your craftman style furniture also. Good luck 
Review: Aragon 8008 BB Amplifier
I had Aragon 8008 BB Amplifier driving Thiel 3.6. Changed amplifiers to the Krell KSA 300 S and noticed no difference. Disappointed due to the significant cost increase in cost for the Krells. Both Amps sounded good. 
Cabinet finish.....
Get finishing book by Bob Flexner. I believe by Taunton press. It will detail how to determine what finish is on the cabinets and what finishes are compatable. 
Classical music - starting points
I am thankful for being intruduced to classical music some 20 years ago. It is a large world to investigate but the returns have been great. The emotion and variety is greater in this arena than in any other area of music. The first piece that wet... 
Preamps with Dual Main Out?
ARC LS2BMKII has dual balanced main out, one single ended main out and one tape loop single ended out. I have one in your price range if interested. See 
A "Unique" Voice...
How about Ray Charles, Cleo Laine, Cassandra Wilson 
Best Value System
You could get a great sounding system for $5,000 or less. I have had the following equipment and sounded great and on the used market is good value. I have substantially more expensive equipment now and the difference is either non existent (Krell... 
ARC users please
I am using ARC LS2B in a solid state system. Also tried it with tube system. I'm very happy with sound. They can be had for $800 or less used.