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Tubes for HT?
Check out the Butler Audio amps. They're a unique twist on tubes and are designed to be left on 24/7 for HT applications. 
REL is dead. Long live REL
It's a small world: Lord's work on "Soundless Music" looks interesting: 
Good/inexpensive site to download for MP3 portable does NOT look like a site for 11-year olds...LOL! 
Tube preamp for a Bel Canto eVo2 Gen II
I use a tubed Herron VSTP-1A/166 with an eVo4 II and I'm quite happy. Ed Morawski in his Positive Feedback review of the eVo2 ( ) used a tubed EAR 864. 
When does the law diminishing returns kick in?
It kicks in when you stretch really far to buy a component that's 3X or 4X more costly than one you have, discover is sounds about 5% better, and are told by audiophile friends that if you only spend $X,000 more on addtional [fill in blank], "it w... 
Zanden 5000mkIII dac tube recomendations
I just picked up a used 5000 Mk IV to replace my Kora Hermes II, which I ran with Siemens CCa's. I love the Siemens' tubes and was wondering if I could swap one for the National 7308?I'm a little worried about messing around under the hood of the ... 
Eggleston Andra to Andra II Upgrade?
One thing to consider is the upgraded speakers retain the Andra I's single binding posts rather than the dual posts that come standard on new Andra II's.I was unaware of this when I bought a used pair of upgraded Andra II's and was surprised I cou... 
Silly Question...does a transport have a "sound" ?
Yikes! Thanks for all the recent responses, but we seem to be straying more to the philosophical than practical side of my original question. I understand no two components are going to "sound" exactly the same, even transports. But I'm still inte... 
I'm frustrated with people who don't ...
All of my friends and relatives used to nod their heads indulgently wheneaver I talked about audio, just like the guys you described. Then, last weekend, my wife held a surprise birthday party at our house and invited everyone over.Within 5 minute... 
Why so many Indras?
Why do you think there's no mention on the Indra on the Stealth site? 
Why so many Indras?
Has it been discontinued? I can't find any mention of the Indra on the Steath website: 
Argent Pursang - Your input, please....
I recently switched from AZ Satori's (a single run, not the DB) to the Pursang and couldn't be happier. The sound is just so much more alive without being tipped up or tizzy. I was a little worried about the Pursang's having a "silvery" signiture,... 
Best female vocals on CD
I'm listening to Jackie Allen's "Love is Blue" right now and it's exceptional. I recently got a pair of Eggleston Andra II's and this is the best vocal I've heard through them yet. Beautiful album. 
Looking for a tube DAC.
I'll echo the thumbs up on the Hermes II. I've got Siemens CCA's in mine and it sounds great. 
Tubed DAC problems,opinions please.
I recently had the same problem with my Kora Hermes II dac. At first I thought it was a problem with my integrated amp, so I swapped in another amp and it was still there. In discussing the problem with my local tech, he suggested the dac's output...