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Hegel H160 and Focal Electra 1008Be sounding bass-less
I owned the H160 paired with Dali Fazon F5 speakers. It sounded lifeless so I sold it. There wasn't much bass  at all with it. I hooked the same speakers up to a NAD M10 and it sounded better. The bass improved quite a bit which was surprising... 
The Best Preamp is no Preamp?
I'm using just the amp and a dac and I think it sounds great. For others maybe not but I'm happy with it.   
thought on eBay?
I buy and sell on ebay all the time. It doesn't matter if a seller says no returns. If you have a problem ebay will allow you to return the item regardless of what the seller says. In my experience the buyer is in the better position with ebay tha... 
Best bang for buck integrated amp for $500
Look for a used Rega Brio it's a great little amp. I sold mine and I wish I hadn't... 
eBay / PayPal: Beware - enough is never enough.
Their new payment system sucks.  
Have I got the wrong amp? or the wrong speakers?
The Rega Brio would probably be a very good match.I used to have one and I really liked it. A receiver isnot going to do those speakers justice. 
Budget tower speakers that rock!
ZU dirty weekend. 
Is Not Responding To An Offer Just Plain Rude?
I wish there was an option to choose the amount of time the seller has to respond. 48 hours is too long in my opinion. Ebay changed their format from 48 hours to 12 hours and 24 hours. Sometimes the sellers don't respond at all which means you was... 
Looking for a good system for my apartment. Any advise?
Check out some of the active speakers with built in wifi and or bluetooth. Example, You can pick-up a pair of Dynaudio XEO4 with the transmitter for $1k. Add a turntable and you're done. 
High Eng Audio Auctions on Ebay does not honor their deals
I have sold hundreds of items on Ebay. Occasionally, I price the shipping too low. In every instance I eat the loss since it's my fault. What the seller did to you is not a good way to do business. 
Do active speakers interest you? Also, let's talk directivity
I sold off all of my separates and I'm looking for active speakers to replace them. I'm finding out there isn't much to choose from. 
How do I pay?
Don't do it! I had a deal for a lot less money ($650) and the dude ripped me off. 
Want to setup basic home audio system
If you want simple pick up a pair of wireless powered speakers and you're good to go.  
~$15K floorstanders: opinions sought would be my choice. 
Favorite song to demo or test drive speakers?
Fink - Troubles what you're in - Live from union Chapel London