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Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat
That’s mighty decent of you, pal.  
Happy 80th to Ringo
He just liked women, that’s all. It was probably a phase he was going through. The girls probably used a fake ID anyway. It’s only rock and roll. 🕺🏻 
What do you sit on?
The thoughts don’t turn me on but I do find them funny 😄  
What do you sit on?
No, the picture I was thinking of is you and a donkey.  
What do you sit on?
You still haven’t answered the question. Should I draw you a picture?  
Will a $700 turntable outperform a CD player?
As I oft counsel, the CD is not (rpt not) the problem, it can contain tremendous dynamic range and signal to noise ratio, and all of the intricate Information from the original tape. The problem, gentle readers arises when the CD is played back 🔙 ... 
What do you sit on?
No IKEA Poang chair for me, thanks. That open cell foam stuff kills the sound. 
Who says cables don't make a difference?
roberttdidCleeds,Perhaps if some people, in the absence of being able to make and communicate a reasonable argument, just stepped back from their keyboard as opposed to resorting to insults that add nothing to the conversation, then yes. Till then... 
is this the greatest live band of all time?
Happy 80th to Ringo
If you think that’s weird Bill Wyman is 83.  
I don’t know if anyone mentioned it already but given that wire directionality is important for fuses in AC circuits doesn’t it stand to reason that wire directionality comes into play for power cords, too? Just curious. 
High Powered Holographic Amplifiers
Holographic is just a word. Like a lot of words audiophiles use to describe sound. I can’t get too hung up on words since everyone has different idea in their heads what words mean. One man’s holographic is another man’s two-dimensional and flat. ... 
to my ears digital audio does not sound natural? something is wrong!
Ack chew ally most commercially available music is a combination of analog AND digital. Which makes comparisons of the two basis techniques rather difficult if not impossible. 
Whats playing on your system today?
Wagner’s Parsifal, 5 cassettes, Von Karajan and Berliner, 1981 Deutsche Grammophon digital recording. Chromium Dioxide. Wow, wow, wow! 🤗 
A challenge to the "measurement" camp
Audio is a subjective hobby. Sure there are obviously some things that need to be measured, but you can’t measure soundstage height, air, warmth, naturalness, liquid-ness, realism, presence, instrument separation or closeness to the original recor...