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Vinyl / High qual analog tape / High-res digital -- One of these is not like the other
It appears you’re the one who’s triggered, Mr. Smarty Pants, you’re stalking me so much your nose is probably brown. If I can make a suggestion, go back to whatever backwater school you went to and demand your money back.  
A challenge to the "measurement" camp
Wrong again, Mr. Smarty Pants 👖 Gravity is spacetime. There is a force associated with gravity I.e., F=ma as I already said. That’s why time can’t exist without mass. You’re still stuck back in the 1800s. roberttdid/roberttcan whoever - You have t... 
A challenge to the "measurement" camp
Gravity is not a force, it’s an acceleration. Without mass there can be no crackers and wine. 
A challenge to the "measurement" camp
phcollieI think it is a waste of time and effort explaining to someone that they are wrong.>>>>>People can be so stubborn. 😬 
A challenge to the "measurement" camp
Forces I don’t understand? Highly unlikely. All forces can be reduced to the very simple equation, F=ma 🤗 (mass x acceleration) ....it’s not that complicated, guys.Without mass there can be no time. - Luke Perry 
Who says cables don't make a difference?
Q. What did the copper say to the electron? A. What’s the big hurry? I got you doing 5 meters an hour in a 1 meter per hour zone.  
Will a $700 turntable outperform a CD player?
roberjermanThis question has been around since the arrival of the first CD players in 1983! And that was the Hitachi vertical loader - $1000!>>>>Hitachi had the right idea, eliminating the effects of gravity on the spinning disc thus e... 
Ennio Morricone has passed away
Great score for Once Upon a Time in America.  
Who says cables don't make a difference?
I’ve heard of a Mickey Finn. 
Has anyone shipped things back to China?
I advise against it, the expense of shipping to China is one issue but the main problem is whether it will get there. I sent something during the first stage of the pandemic and it never arrived.  
Vinyl / High qual analog tape / High-res digital -- One of these is not like the other
You’ll never believe what happened. I bought some of the original Mercury Living Presence recordings on cassette. For example Suppe Overtures with Paray and Detroit, also Saint-Seans Symphony No. 3 Organ also with Paray and Detroit. Absolutely bet... 
Bob Dylan - new album just out on Tidal - Rough and Rowdy Ways
I prefer his drug fueled trilogy over his scripture fueled trilogy. But my favorite trilogy is the one with Modern Times.  
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
Yes, I agree, a lot of earnest persons should be helped out. 😃 
good discussion on power cords
I get it, the power cord is part of the power supply. Makes sense. 😀 
Articles You Feel Should be Shared
Life is an illusion. But this thread is not. 😬