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tuner better than turntable ? thread.
If we concede that band limited FM (15 khz) is musical, then we can't turn around and say that red book digital is flawed because its bandwidth is limited to 22.05 khz, or that vinyl, SACD, and other hi res digital are superior because they can re... 
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Both channels or just one? 
Is Hi-fi getting more expensive?
Unfortunately you're talking about lifestyle change. The move to iPod reflects the notion that music is more like sonic wallpaper to whatever other activities they are engaged in. Fewer people simply sit and listen to music as recreation any more.... 
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Try another pair of interconnects from preout to amp in. If yo're getting hum when you jiggle the able it suggests that something is wrong with the cable or the RCA jacks at one of the ends. Do you get hum on both channels or just one? 
paranoid listener, bad recordings
If you can, play the offending passages through decent headphones at low-moderate volume. If the distortion is in the recording you'll hear it. 
Speed Stability
Is perhaps the spindle hole slightly off center on the Ballads LP? That would generate the wow you're hearing and explain why your DSOM copy sounds OK. 
Ho Hum
Reseat all your connections and check your cables (especially the one from pre to the HK) for intermittent shield. 
When will rap music be less mainstream?
Referring to the frequent sampling of older R&B, Soul, and rock music, someone once described the current crop of rap/hip hop "artists" as midgets standing on the shoulders of giants. 
equating class A to class AB SS amps?
A watt is a watt is a watt. It costs a lot more to build a pure class A amp than a class AB amp of the same power. Class A amps are very inefficient, need large transformers (power and output, if applicable), and dissipate a lot of heat.For all th... 
tuner better than turntable ? thread.
It's interesting to hear talk about top end extension on FM since by FCC regulation the top end of all commercial transmissions is limited to 15khz. 
low output mc: noise free listening possible?
I run a Denon DL-304 MC which has a .2mv output into a Pass XONO phono preamp. There is plenty of gain and no noise. 
Lost that "Tube Magic". Can you help?
To describe an amp by saying it "would impart the same character to just about any speakers I paired it with... Theils... older B&W's... Paradigms..." sounds like a description of coloration to me. Granted, some colorations can by pretty addic... 
How to make a DVD Audio
SurroundSound Bar for Bedroom TV
Tanglewood -The Yamaha sound bars don't use left and right speakers. They bounce directed sound off the side walls to create the side and rear speaker effects. On board digital processing controls the timing of the signals to produce a convincing ... 
SurroundSound Bar for Bedroom TV
I'm a fan of the Yamaha series of sound bars. I use one in my main video system due to room constraints, and it gets you about 80% of the way to a full surround system. The built in calibration routines make it easy to set up. It does work better ...