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very small speakers suitable for wll mounting
Thanks !I did try the LS3/5 also. The other one, can't remeber model no, optimised for wall mounting, sounded better but also more $$.Will check out the Gallo Micros. They look like they will go well with kids' taste.cheers,Tom 
FedEx Shipping Damage
FedEx Ground is sloppy. UPS is worse ! Try to hassle until they give in to accept liability (which they should).And, use an alternative shipper the next time... 
Room size for Home Theater?
I also have a room with very similar dimensions (13" and 11"). I don't think it is "too small", but I think you may have a "boomy" bass if you are not care. Some kind of bass trap is probably needed. Otherwise, a large overstuffed fabric sofa may ... 
Biwired Speakers - silver for high, copper for low
Hi Tim, You raised valid points, esp mucking up the speaker's radically tonal balance by using different cables.I did post my system, but I don't think I have "popular" amp or speaker. Any way, here goes the material parts :power amp: Chord 1200Bs... 
Biwired Speakers - silver for high, copper for low
Thanks for your response guys.La Fashionista is not that bad. She complains about the monsterous Shunyata and Electraglide power cords, I hide my credit card bills well. All's fair ;-) Once in a blue moon, I get a remark along the lines "this soun... 
Biwired Speakers - silver for high, copper for low
Oh, I should add this.power amp: Chord 1200B, solid state A-B, 250Wpcspeakers : Wilson Benesch Discovery, smallish stand mounts.thanksTom 
Electraglide Ultra Kahn / Shunyata Anaconda vx
Hi Mark,I would use the Ultra Khan (for better transparency and detail retrival) on the Transport and the Anaconda Vx (for the signature "analogue" sound and better noise reduction) on the DAC.I have not tried the UK Statement II, but have a UK on... 
120 or 240 AC current, Which one do you like best?
I am using US AC plugs on 220V - all you need is to ensure the outlet and plugs are compatible. I have heard both 110 and 220, but in different rooms (w same components) and different continents ! To my ears 220 sounds superior - greater sense of ... 
Best DVD Player $2000.00 new or used
I like my EVS tweaked Pioneer DV-47Ai 
Bookshelf Speaker for Home Theater
I use 5 X Diapason Karis and a REL Strata in a small room. Not THX certified, but sounds good enough for my ears ;-)If I were to do it again, I would probably use Maggies 
Aurios vs Stillpoints, any experience?
Yeap, the X-files ....Norm, of topic question. Do you have any experience with parametric EQ in the bass, mid-bass region ? Would like to compare notes if you have. You can sent me a private e-mail.Thanks,Tom 
Aurios vs Stillpoints, any experience?
Yes, Norm. You're right - it is partly the points settling into the shelf. If you look carefully at the points of contact, there are signs of pressure induced depressions.However, I tried some titanium cones w/o the Neuance shelf elsewhere. Was wa... 
Aurios vs Stillpoints, any experience?
Had used Aurios, tried Stillpoints. The Aurios (esp Pro) are very good but can add a metallic sheen to the sound. They work better loaded with more mass(eg under the rack, heavy amp stands, etc) rather than lighter components (eg CDP). TCBs help b... 
What other obsessions do you have?
who is MoFO ? 
What other obsessions do you have?
Marco, you had me laughing so hard I was rolling on the floor ;0Since I am one of the "self-absorbed braggarts and snobs" that Gullahisland picked as illustration of his point, I feel that I have earned the right to comment. This thread is about o...