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Schiit - shipments stopped?
Jason writes an article about once a month on Head-Fi. From his latest on 1/13/21" Backorders have been a part of Schiit since inception, but they’ve been particularly painful this year. Especially Freya+. But seriously, we’ve done double runs of... 
Hard disk for Music Server
If you go with the  WD Red watch the model number. There was some recent controversy about the labeling and the storage method. See Using 4 ... 
Dac Suggestions around $500
Just added a Gungnir Multibit, bought used, to my Node2. In video game parlance it's like I leveled up...twice. The digital coax puts out hi-res as far as I can tell.  
All in one streamer for parents in their 70s
Node2 is still very well supported.  
What do you use to edit music metadata info for automated fixes. Fine-tune with  Mp3tag. 
Recent upgrade to Cronus Magnum
Surprised no-one has asked. Have you checked the bias? 
Metadata tagging software
Bliss has been very helpful in getting all my metadata squared away. 
Researching value of two pairs of hi-end speakers
Reputable source for Nagaoka MP110?
I've purchased items from No issues. Place the order, items show up a few days later. No fuss no muss. is also a dealer. No personal experience with them.  
What is the one piece of advice you would give about attending AXPONA?
Wear comfy shoes. Stay hydrated.  
Power Cord Break In
/s  at the end of the comment denotes sarcasm on Reddit and many other places.  
what to do with a 25 POUND subwoofer magnet-- broken intermezzo basket
Start a hard driver erasure service.  
Cronos Magnum II
Heres a video on how to bias the Cronus. 
What do you read regularly to learn about audio products or research? has a decent listing of whats new.  
Display case for cartridges
Headshell Hotel from