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I feel bad for Generation X and The Millennial's
There has been great music since the dawn of recorded music in all generations. There also has been less than great music in all generations. Great music to my way of thinking is music that has aged well. I can listen to 1930’s swing music for a c... 
Problem with my Rose 150 b
So, I’ve got it working. Not sure what I did to get the sound back but it’s there. It was still dropping out though and I decided to try it on the Wi-Fi setting and magically it’s fixed. Don’t know if the sound is as good as it is through the Ethe... 
Problem with my Rose 150 b
What is the client?  
Problem with my Rose 150 b
My xlr cables are hooked up right and the in and out outputs are enabled. I had volume before the factory reset. Can’t login on the Rose community sight because they haven’t send me a code for a new password.  
Preamp Help
I would also recommend the Vincent. I bought one a few days ago to use in place of my McIntosh C47 while my Mac is in for service and as it breaks in it sounds pretty good. They had an open box that I got for a couple of hundred less than list. Au... 
Problem with my Rose 150 b
I’m not using Roon.  
Problem with my Rose 150 b
Who is KiHoonJun?  
Problem with my Rose 150 b
I’m using the xlr connections from my 150 to my preamp. I’ve been in the menu and everything looks like it should be playing music. It’s like there is an internal mute somewhere that I can’t find.  
Problem with my Rose 150 b
Other sources are working. I’m getting Tidal into the Rose because the meters are moving just nothing coming out. It’s like it’s muted inside. How do I check the output.  
Problem with my Rose 150 b
So, my cable is a Cat 7 cable. I did a factory reset and think I may of solved my connectivity problem but I’m not getting any sound from my rose.  Has to be something simple but I don’t know what.  
Problem with my Rose 150 b
Thanks, I’ll check it out.  
Wilson to Tekton to ????
Aerial 7T’s. Look great and sound better.  
Streamer/DAC - Where is the value?
I have a Mac mc452/ c47 and use the hifi rose 150b and think it sounds glorious. Much superior to my iPad through the built in dac in my c47.  
We Can Make Classic Cars Outperform Today's "SuperCars": Why Not Vintage Audio?
This is a fun comparison although it may be kind of oranges and apples. I have a couple of old muscle cars, one being a 65 GTO that has a built 455 with fuel injection, a bunch of brake and suspension upgrades and it goes and handles way better th... 
Warming up digital in my setup
I would try a dedicated streamer first with your present setup. I was using an iPad into the Dac on my preamp and bought a Rose 150b streamer dac and it was a night and day difference. My research and practical experience tells me you need a dedic...