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What's your favorite lyric from a song?
Here's a favorite of mine that doesn't seem to require a whole lot of context, LOL ..."Don't want your bullshit, yeahJust want your sexuality"Songwriter: Kate BushSong: The Song of SolomonAlbum: The Red Shoes 
best CD player new or used for $1200
Unless there is a transferable warranty, for a component that relies heavily on mechanical parts (such as a CD player with its transport mechanism) I'd be inclined to go new not used. There are plenty of good options for $1300 or less new. Take a ... 
Need some recommendations - hard driving big band
Sounds like a job for Pandora. 
blue jeans cable?
Well regarded company with quality products that offer good value for the money 
The ultimate record collector?
Hey, my parents loved Montovani, LOL!! 
The ultimate record collector?
There’s a story in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that’s closely related to the NY Times story linked above. Here’s a link to the PG story:http://www.post-gazette.com/local/region/2014/08/12/Sale-of-vinyl-to-Brazilian-conflicts-remaining-local-co... 
The ultimate record collector?
As someone who has wondered and who also frequented Paul Mawhinney's Record Rama shop many times over the years before he had to close, thanks for sharing the link to this story. It's interesting that the article omits any indication of what the B... 
Software recommendations
You may find this article helpful: http://www.audioholics.com/how-to-shop/best-audiophile-music-software 
musical fidelity A3.2 cr power amp repair
The MF website lists several dealers in California. Perhaps one of them can help you. Or you could contact Randy Bingham (MF sales manager for North America) to see if he has any recommendations. Contact info is readily available on the MF website. 
Musical Fidelity M6pre
I purchased the M6pre and M6prx power amp back in April 2011 at 15% off list. I've been a happy camper ever since. Both are excellent products for the money. 
I need a current exclusive disc promotional code.
The Czar hit that nail on the head! 
music server setup questions
When it comes to music servers and the like there is no such thing as being "thick" ... computer audio is just another mystery of the cosmos that everyone is trying to figure out :-) 
Integrated amp recommendations with A/B speaker
The HK990 occurred to me also, but it was recently discontinued so there may not be any new stock left. One possible exception: IF you're a CitiBank customer, the CitiDeals website (their 'rewards points' website) still lists new HK990s for $1299 ... 
Need advice on HD tracks platback.
If you think that a hi-res download from HD Tracks doesn't sound any better than the CD version of the same album, don't assume that it's because of some shortcoming in your hardware (which looks pretty good to me). Keep in mind that if the sound ... 
Integrated amp recommendations with A/B speaker
There are (new) models from Yamaha, NAD, and Marantz in your price range that offer A/B speaker selection.