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SACD Recommendations
As to the original post and apart from any of the SACDs already mentioned, three particular favorites of mine in terms of sound quality are Midnight Sugar by the Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio, Modern Cool by Patricia Barber, and The London Concert by Wyn... 
SACD Recommendations
Classical guitar offerings on SACD seem to be few and far between. Some that look interesting to me (although I don't own any of these as yet) are:http://www.elusivedisc.com/STOCKHOLM-GUITAR-UNIQUE-CLASSICAL-GUITAR-COL-SACD/productinfo/OPSAM22062/... 
DSD DAC's - Any recommendations?
Zd, I do appreciate the clarification. I had not thought of the timing issue. I stand corrected. 
DSD DAC's - Any recommendations?
Time to ventilate ... let's see now ... someone who looks to be relatively new to the Agon forums seeks suggestions of DSD DACs that are "current" yet "without going too expensive," and he specifically mentions two possibilities in the $200 to $50... 
It just gets worse and worse! The latest article in The Washington Post is a MUST READ:http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/heartbleed-bug-fixes-threaten-to-cause-major-internet-disruptions-in-coming-weeks/2014/04/14/171e9acc-c405-11e3-b... 
Hegel h300 or Krell S550i or Music Fidelity M6500i
Snobby, arrogant ass? Hardly!!! Now that the speakers have been identified and given the amp brands that the OP asked about, I'd have to say that you, Soix, get the Audiogon awards for both understatement and politeness! 
Please help me find the right digital player
Although the Oppo's own user interfaces (whether displayed on a TV, a monitor, or even via Oppo's MediaControl app on a tablet) may be limited, one does not necessarily have to use any of those interfaces to play digital audio files. Unlike earlie... 
Please help me find the right digital player
Oppo's don't just play physical discs. They also play digital audio files. 
easy way to play itunes library on Oppo 105 player
I know nothing about iTunes so I can't help you with how you get music from iTunes to a memory stick, but I can tell you this: once you have your digital audio files on a USB memory stick and you plug that stick into the Oppo, the sound quality th... 
Please help me find the right digital player
Try Oppo. 
JRiver 19 playback
Sounds like you are looking for the DLNA access key which you will find at Tools>Options>Media Network where you will see the access key up at the top of the Options window. 
Audiophile newbie
"Receiver" is another term you may run across. A "receiver" is an integrated amplifier along with a tuner (which is an AM/FM radio) in one box, i.e., a tuner, preamp, and power amp in one box. For someone starting out, I wholeheartedly second goin... 
Of all your gear, what piece impresses you most?
My ears 
An Introduction to new member
Al for President! 
Creek, Rega, Oppo CD Player/DAC
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why God made chocolate and vanilla!