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Good SS amp for Cary SLP98?
I've owned an SLP-98 twice now, usually used with tube amps. The only SS amp I remember specifically was the Cary CAA-1 class D (which I happen to have listed). It was quite detailed, mids more forward than what I was used to, great bass, but did ... 
Vic Chesnutt, RIP
That's really really sad, I am a fan. 
Anyone have their Tri-Vista21 modded?
I had an un-modded tri vista, and replaced it with a scott nixon dac. Have not heard a modded one. 
better the mc2500 for 2500.00 used
Thanks Plato. The 350w was a peak, and I am not looking for more power, but actually less, so I don't damage the speakers. I can't seem to find the power handling specs of these speakers. I will look into the wired. 
SET the best?
Thanks guys, a lot of great information here. I missed out on the speakers I was looking at, but I may try to grab a new pair of demos. I have been reading non stop, researching many different amps. I think I should change the speakers first befor... 
SET the best?
Thanks, I will research them. Does anyone know if the McIntosh MC2500 is class A? 
SET the best?
Thanks for the responses gentlemen.I have owned many tube components, including 2 amplifiers ( ya WOW, I know ), and currently have a Cary slp-98 and an EAR 834P, I like tubes ( I haven't updated my system photos for a while )The only reason I rep... 
How do you steam clean vinyl LP's?
There's a few threads on this subject,and a youtube video. Read them, experiment, and don't use your favorite records to practice on. 
Suggestions for DAC isolation?
Herbies, 90 day return policy. All my gear is on herbie's stuff. 
SET amp suggestions 1000$ or Integrated 2500$
Hi guys,Thanks for the replies, I have looked into the suggested amps currently for sale.I do not have access to audio stores so all my purchases are done online and unheard. I really appreciate the help and suggestions.Casouza, are you saying usi... 
Zu or Harbeth
it helps me blow smoke out of my ass.Stop it. 
Zu or Harbeth
I actually have my Vandersteen 3a's ( not sigs ) with the pyrotechnics mod. brings the presentation a little more forward, and a lot warmer across the spectrum. 
Zu or Harbeth
Sam, I think the power handling specs for Zu are greater then the Vandersteens. I'd have a bit of headroom."I tend to agree with Jaybo that the neither the 40.1 nor Definitions will be a substantial upgrade over the 3A Reference, but I also unders... 
Zu or Harbeth
Thanks for all the replies. I will try to address all the posts. In regards to the forward/recessed presentation, I like the images to be in realistic positions as they were recorded, not hovering ghosts 4ft infront of my face, but not so far back... 
Woofers getting workout, but no bass
I may be way off on this, but if your woofers are moving like crazy, you should be able to hear it. If you are not hearing the bass, maybe your listening position is in a null. I have measured a 10db difference in bass by moving my listening posit...