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Input requested on 3 options for listening room
Recroom,My listening room is 16 x 28 x 7.5 ft., with speakers along the short wall as well. I have the Vienna Acoustics Mahlers. They present a huge soundstage that extends forward into the room, has plenty of depth, wraps around the side walls, a... 
Got Vienna Acoustics Mahler speakers - what amp?
I have been using the Classe CAM 350 monoblocks to drive my Mahler's for several years now. They are doing a great job in controlling the motion of the four 10" woofers and the overall sound is smooth, balanced across the whole frequency response ... 
Keeping Hifi Equipment For Sentimental Values
I have hooked up to my system a tube McIntosh MR-65 tuner. I still listen to it from time to time. It also has a powerful sentimental value because it brings back wonderful memories of the old days when I was just starting out in this hobby. 
Rowland Concerto integrated vs Rowland Capri & 102
I have heard it a couple of times powering the Vienna Acoustic Straus speakers and it sounded very good. Excellent sound, plenty of bass and a big soundstage. 
Best analog sounding cd player under 5K
I have always been very happy with the Meridian players. They have a sonic profile very similiar to what you are looking for in your post. 
Bowling alley lane wood for component tables?
Dusty is correct in that bowling alley flooring could be either maple or pine. I made a woodworking bench from bowling alley flooring and the individual wood strips where glued and nailed together. I found out the hard way when I began to cut thro... 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
I still use a pair of Rectilinear III floor standing full range speakers in a secondary system. I bought them in the early 70s and they still sound good after all these years. 
A trick with Scotch Whisky
I'm still laughing out loud from many of the comments. Good stuff from all. Perhaps it's time to go hide in the bushes and take another drink! 
Monitors or floor-standers with Bryston B60SST?
Jpbach,As part of my home theater I use a Bryston power amp to drive my Vienna Acoustics center and surrounds. Bryston packs a lot of punch, has lots of reserve power and sounds excellent the Vienna Acoustics products.I believe your B60 will work ... 
Hooking up Pre/Pro and Tube pre amp
Rfjaudio,I too have an Anthem AVM 20 and run the front left and right interconnects through my Rowland preamp via the unity gain passthrough and out to my Classe' monoblocs. If your pre-amp has that capability do it that way.That being said, you c... 
Need help - How to transport my turntable
West99,Ask a friend to go along for the ride and you buy lunch at a nice place. Support the turntable arm, platter and suspension as you described and have your guest hold it on their lap for the ride home. Good luck. 
A trick with Scotch Whisky
Kennyt,Wow, you have a great sound system, drink 15 year old scotch and have a new kitchen. Life is good! I too enjoy the Aberlour 15, it's much better than the 10, which I also like. And no, I certainly would not add smoke to Aberlour 15. Good lu... 
A trick with Scotch Whisky
Thanks for the warning Sd & G m c! I'll be sure to hide out in the bushes when I drink the stuff. 
Front projector aspect ratio question
West99,Herman gave you the straight scoop. I agree with his answer. 
whats your idea of loud music.
"im not looking for a right or wrong answer im just curious as to what other guys consider loud to be defined as." 85 db and up, with good, crisp, accurate reproduction is loud for me. In certain musical passages, I'll push the volume higher for t...