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Your favorite male soul voices
There are some really good contemporary exemplars that deserves some attention. Check out Leon Bridges in his NPR Tiny desk concert. I'd also recommend Michael Kiwanuka and Charles Bradley. Gary Clarke jr is more blues-rock, but also worth a lis... 
Whats playing on your system today?
Kid Creole And The Coconuts playlist on Spotify 
Threshold verse Pass Labs how can I justify significant price difference
Get the the Pass and find out for yourself. You can always sell it, if its not what you seek. But I am sure you will be wondering what the hell the people in this thread were talking about. 
Zu def 4 are they the best speaker made?
Big Zu fan myself and still own a modified Druid. It’s funny how I just got into a big argument along the same lines with some panel speaker owners. This is not to say that other speakers don’t make great music but there is a realistic quality tha... 
Appropriate price for a Stax SR-007/Mk 1 and SRM-717/Mk 1 system?
That's a nice upgrade. I have a SR007/SRM717 as well. I suggest you check/post on headfi to get the best response. 
My favorite top 20 jazz recording in high resolution - fusion and some bebop
That's a nice list. I have most of these - redbook though. 
Did you know....?
Did you know that Nora Jones was Ravi Shankar's daughter? Don't forget Anoushka Shankar, the famous sitar player. I have several of her albums.  
Random thoughts from a sort of, kind of audiophile
...and some people's mind are so closed they can't hear much beyond their own preconceived notions.  
Viva, no longer a fan
How did the amp get into the grey marketplace in the first place, if not through their own dealer network? Why punish the customer for a problem in the dealer network? Seems to me they need to tighten up their distribution/retail channels and not ... 
Your favorite one-man band!
Some need 4 or even 6 strings while others only need one to make magic.  
Exotic vocal
Yma is certainly impressive. Another very unique sounding singer I would include here is Ethiopian-American Aster Aweke. Check her out on Y'Shebellu (Name of a River). 
Exotic vocal
The undisputed queen of the exotica genre is Yma Sumac from the 1950's when the genre was at it's apex. She was Peruvian-American and was famous for her extreme vocal range said to be well over 5 octaves. Check her out here hitting 4 1/2 octaves a... 
where to get shorting plugs?
Check these out. $18 for 10 pieces including shipping from HK. Well made, looks great and works great.  
Help choose best amp/preamp combo?
The A21 is a very nice amp with solid reputation. I’d look into a tube preamp that has the tonality you want. If you are willing to go used, a quick search shows these choices all under 1k. Be sure to check output impedance to ensure compatibility... 
What in the world is going on.....
Simple explanation is that most commercial recordings are mastered to sound great on lesser systems. High rez systems will make all those recordings sound like crap. Unmastered albums is actually a thing now.