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Amp — Leave on or turn off
@kckrs In my experience, Class A/AB also on 24/7 unless traveling. We really should follow the mfr recommendations. And if you bought used, the manual is available online.  
Bananas rule, spades drool. End of discussion.
After a career of frustration in rewrapping naked wires and tightening spades, along came bananas to the rescue. Sold me immediately and forever. If I am missing something other than needless hassles, the proof thereof is, shall we say, not yet ev... 
Volume levels
@bigtwin +1 @lowrider57  +1    
Announcement: Axiom Audio acquisitions of Bryston and Magnum Dynalab
Hope this means I can finally get my hands on the MD tuner that's proved so elusive. Also that the 20-year Bryston warranty will be retained. At least it's all still Canadian. In my experience on many levels, world's most trustworthy country.  
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
Like so many others, I grew up reading Tony C's TAS reviews and had no idea about his day job as a national security analyst until he began appearing on TV during the Iraq years. Same no-nonsense style either way. Dry, precise, dependable. They do... 
Best Covers
Brother Wiley's cover of "First We Take Manhattan" makes it rock out with guitar and electric bass. Qobuz has it. Rock fans, come dig Leonard Cohen in a really accessible way.  
Review : Emerson ER-7001 Am/Fm radio. Return of the radio king!
@pmm Thanks for posting the forum link. Guess I missed it first time around. Count me one of "those."  
Anyone listen to Music on a FM tuner anymore?
IMO, even today no "streaming radio" can rival the sonic purity of late-night music programming from a good public radio station using a quality analog FM tuner into the line stage et seq. A better source for discovery of "new" recordings as well.... 
Your greatest high end audio purchase!!!
Because speakers of quality equivalent to electronics cost so much more, for 20 years I was pumping high-end juice into old Henry Kloss Model 6s. When finally again in possession of a decent listening room, I upgraded to Wharfedale EVO-40s and at ... 
A little gift for my fellow audiophiles
@soix Remarkable sonics, thanks for my best Xmas gift this year! Will share it forward with any audiophile I might happen upon.  
Robert Plant
@n80 Yes. Remarkable discovering that "the gods" don't live for worship, but just for performing, anywhere for anybody. When they still project that authenticity despite the fame, fortune, and glory, you know you are seeing the real deal.    
New Messiah
If it can beat Hogwood's Academy of Ancient Music recording, which stole the baton from the Mormon Tabernacle long ago . . . doubt any recording could top "Every Valley" and "Redeemer's Fire" from the Academy performance, but will keep open ears a... 
Do I Need a Dedicated Streamer?
"My experience has been strictly with the SPDIF interface, in which case streamer quality and jitter are very apparent." Right. As I learned here, if the streamer has better clock than the DAC, connect SPDIF. If the reverse, use USB.    
Upgrade from Schiit Bifrost 2?
OP never supplied end result of Schiit repair after being directed to correct procedure. My experience mirrors that of others posting above (excellent). Schiit received my backup Freya+ pre, three years into its 5-year warranty, on Tuesday 11/21 b... 
"Hardly Used / Less than 100 Hours / Took out for pics only"????
Got an FM stereo tuner unopened in original box with shrink wrap. A well-regarded DAC used for only two weeks while the big unit with nine inputs was in for warranty repair. An integrated amp that, likewise, served only brief interim duty. One day...