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Most amusing album or song titles
My Head Hurts, My feet Stink, and I Don’t Love Jesus...Jimmy Buffet 
Marketing slogans to catch the consumers attention
Is it live, or is it Memorex? 
Looking for the best audio porn
Audio porn...to paraphrase Justice Potter Stewart, " I know it when I see (hear) it " 
The Beach Boys
Date is July 10, 2016. 
The Beach Boys
FYI : Brian Wilson will be performing a 50th anniversary concert of Pet Sounds at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, along with Al Jardine , Blondie Chaplin, and orchestra. I'll be going.  
What's your biggest surprise in hifi?
That Taters didn't come up with this thread.😊 
Jimmy Fallon has a Mcintosh turntable
I was at Brooks Berdan LTD the day Mr. Rollins was auditioning the big Wilsons. I've never heard an audio system sound that loud and I was standing outside the door. Apparently Mr. Rollins is a ' little' hard of hearing, according to Brian. As I l... 
Audio Research Reference 5 SE Preamps For Sale?
Agree with Bdp24 re Sunil's. I live within 30 minutes of 7 hi end audio shops including Sunil's, which is only a 10 minute drive. I've only dealt with six of them. 
Cleaning, polishing Speaker Cabinets ?
Cinch, made by Spic and Span. Does not leave a residue at all. I know several audiophiles and dealers who use it on gear, whether it's plastic , finished wood, metal, granite, etc. Great on windows too! Use it sparingly on soft cloth and clean way... 
Brooks Berdan LTD Monrovia California
Brian's store, Audio Element, is slated for its grand opening on November 2. 
The Demise of the Hi-End Audio Store
Geez.. I live in So. California and within a 20 min. drive of 6, I repeat 6 hi-end establishments. 3 are brick and mortar , 3 are stucco and brick--they sell out of their homes. I'm probably leaving out a few. Two sell Wilson speakers-(do we reall... 
Chicks With Guitars
Edith Van Halen 
One of my closest friends is gone.
Brooks has been my friend for over 35 years. I am deeply saddened and shocked at his passing. Brooks was one of the nicest people you could have known. He always made you feel at home in his showroom, took the time to listen to your audio problems... 
What is your favorite 1 hit wonder from the 70's?
Loving You by Minnie Ripperton...still making ears bleed, for 30+ years. 
Classic Records 45RPM BoxSet Boxes?
Thanks Mofi!...been looking for these lp boxes for a while. I contacted Dave at Stoughton who is sending a price list. He says they can make plain generic as well as custom sizes and thicknesses.