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Replace Apple TV
I believe JRiver software will play video on your laptop. You can get a free trial with them, too.  
What are some of your favorite "COLD" songs?
What are some of your favorite "COLD" songs?
Jazz for aficionados
Paolo Fresu!    
Is JRiver still the best software?
@effischer  "Turns out that while JRiver is now presenting the native frequency (44.1, 192, whatever), the bit depth is fixed at 32." You might be able change the bit depth with this sequence within JRiver: Tools -->Options-->Device Setti... 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
Some of you folks may have fused speakers like my ARs. Have any of you used QSA fuses for your speakers? Curious about your results. Also, have any of you QSA fuse users had a fuse blow? Thanks!  
How long do good speakers last?
I have a pair of AR-LST speakers that I bought new in 1975 or 1976. I've had the woofers refoamed twice. The cabinets were recently refinished, and we bought new grills. They look great and still sound wonderful. The refinishing work cost more tha... 
Jazz Fans-- Name some of your favorite, less well known recordings
These are all on vinyl:Charles Mingus - "Reincarnation of a Lovebird". It’s a "twofer" on Prestige. Carla Bley - "Life Goes On" - released in 2020. Three geezers playing jazz. Kenny Wheeler - "Gnu High" - on ECM with Keith Jarrett Pepper Adams - "... 
The extinction of human interaction takes yet another step forward...
I'm appalled that the event costs 25 bucks! 
Best Way to Upgrade Digital
For low-cost CD ripping: there's a free program called "Exact Audio Copy" to rip your CDs using a Windows PC. Very important to use care with the program settings to get the best resolution with the ripped files.A step up from this is JRiver Media... 
"Need" Roon, Bluesound Node, or or other streamer?
Instead of a component streamer, can one achieve comparable results using a Windows laptop computer or home theater PC for streaming? Any disadvantages to this approach with regard to sound quality, available music sources or ease of use? This is ...