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Black Crowes - Freak 'N Roll
Yes, great album. I love the Crowes. They put on one of the best rock & roll shows you'll ever see. 
Universal player with HDCD
Oppo DV-970 or 981. Get it modded, and you've got a ridiculously good player for a relative pittance. Hope this helps. 
Reference Audio Mod Oppo 970 – How good is it ?
Hi, John:I think the full package, including player, runs in the neighborhood of $1,200. You can email RAM to confirm. Cryoing is an extra couple hundred, but is definitely worth it, IMO. Hope this helps!Andy 
Reference Audio Mod Oppo 970 – How good is it ?
Robert:I got the full-bore mod package: Superclock 4, PS upgrades, everything. I'm thrilled with its performance. 
Detroit metro area, Michigan
Guys:The next meeting of our club is actually tomorrow, Saturday, March 10, in Ann Arbor. Our members span the gamut, from DIY to refi-the-house systems. It's a very close-knit and varied group. Drop me an email through Audiogon, and I'll gladly g... 
Anyone else regenerating A/C?
Can the EP15A be plugged into another line conditioner? I'm using a Jena Labs Model 6.1, and it's by far the best line device I've ever used, but it doesn't regerate AC, which is a problem in my home (i.e., low voltage), so I would use the EP main... 
What? No Norah Jones New CD Thread?
Quite good, though very subdued, even for Norah. The sonics, as to be expected, are superb. 
Opportunity to buy the best Preamp... but which?
Fmpnd:That's not me. I do have the Connoisseur. Same name, Andrew, but different person. We have similar tastes, though. :) 
Reference Audio Mod Oppo 970 – How good is it ?
I have the RAM-modified 970, and it is stunning, both on audio and video. FWIW, RAM did a demo at RMAF in which they compared a modified 970 to a stock Esoteric UX-1 (a ~$13,000 player). Almost everyone preferred the Oppo. If that's not a testimon... 
inexpensive cd player as gift
I've tried or owned a number of universals, and currently own the Oppo 970. Mine is highly modified, but even stock, it's a stellar unit. For the money, it's a no-brainer in my book. 
I want to upgrade my CDP
I don't think he carries the line anymore, but Steve Klein at Sounds of Silence (www.soundsofsilence.com) did carry Lector at one point, and said that the Bluenote Stibbert blew it away. He's now a Bluenote dealer. Hope this helps. 
Sexiest Pop Song Ever?
Maria Muldaur, "Midnight at the Oasis." One of the sexiest voices EVER. Put your camel to bed . . . . :) 
Amazed at Herbies Iso Cups
I'm a big fan of Herbies products as well. I use their interconnect dampers, tube dampers, and Iso Cups with the gabon balls, and all work very well (the IC dampers to a lesser extent than the other two). And the prices are very reasonable, consid... 
anyone like Nico - Chelsea Girl?
"Chelsea Girl" is an excellent album. Nico is definitely an acquired taste, but if you like her, CG is the place to start. 
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
I agree with Jaybo. The latest, two-disc edition is by far the best. While you're at it, pick up "Tusk" and the 1975 "Fleetwood Mac" reissues. Those sound awesome as well.