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Tenor Audio
Try Chambers Audio @ 503 221 0465 
Audio Research VT100 - MKI or MKII or MKIII?
If you send the MK I to ARC for retube, you are looking at about $800.00 plus freight. Find a Mark II that has been recently retubed and call it a day. 
What time do you wear?
Rolex Submariner ss/gold with blue face 
Dire Straits Remasters
Try www.store.acousticsounds.com 
Your First System
Lafayette ReceiverDual 1219 with Stanton cartridgeLarge Advent SpeakersAdvent Dobly cassette deck 
Replacing tweeter in old Advent speaker?
Check with www.madisound.com 
Maggies and solid core wires
Try Home Depot or Lowes 6 GA. For about 47 cents a foot it's worth a try. 
What sub do "U" use ?
Just one, for now.ACI Titan II LE 
Power cords for Audioresearch.
I asked Chris at Audio Research the very same question. He said that unless you are willing to spends thousands of dollars for power cords, stick with their standard 14 gage. 
Advise on Speakers Please
Had the M150 with Magnum 99. Great combo with Magnepan 1.6's. 
Is this rude?
I'm with you BigJoe. 
Need help for fuse question.
DO NOT change the value of the fuse...you will damage the amp! Could be a bad tube...call VTL on Monday. 
Classe XLR balanced inputs??
Try http://www.signalcable.com 
Shahinian Obelisk loudspeakers
Camadeco, I remember those shows...the hotel across from the Garden was the Statler-Hilton. 
HELP - buzzing on Magnepan 3.6R; repair or not?
Sell them at a deep discount and be done with them. At least the "repair" wouldn't come back to haunt you!