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Focal Maestro Utopia , need advice for AMP/PRE
Pelo911, X350.5 should be more than enough. I use Burmester 032 (I haven't updated my page yet). Though 032 is being strained at times (it is only 170W into 4ohms). If I were you, I would first break in the speakers with your current amp and consi... 
DACs With Killer Built-In Preamps
I have been eyeing two :- Calyx Femto- M2Tech Vaughan 
Pre/pro question
Yes, but which brand / model ? Classe doesn't do it either, Theta is not too clear whether it does or not. 
sooloos music server sound quality
I am not familiar with C10 and/or Berkeley DAC. Below comments are based on C15 via Bryston SP3.1. The best forum (in my opinion) for Sooloos info is www.meridianunplugged.com. See the "Media Systems" section and "Duncan's Meridian Info". People i... 
Best integrated Amp for Hansen Prince V2
I use Burmester 032 too. 
Anyone successful in dealing with Tinnitus?
Stereophile had it in their website news : "url=http://www.stereophile.com/news/neuromonics_tinnitus_breakthrough/]Neuromonics Tinnitus Breakthrough?[/url]. 
Cables for Sophia 2 and Burmester
I have Hansen Prince V2's - see my system. I think the sound is well-rounded with no marked deficiencies. 
Cables for Sophia 2 and Burmester
I am running Synergistic Tesla Precision Ref between my 001 and 032; Tesla Apex between 032 and speakers. 
At a Levinson crossroads .... need advice.
Agree with nsgarch. I had a 37 which had problems as well (which I eventually replaced with 31.5 - no problems whatsoever with that one). I have now totally abandoned ML. Cut your costs and look for another transport. 
Wilson Audio Duette - Burmester amps?
I can not help with Wilson speakers. However, you are wrong about 001 having a preamp. It has digital in so you won't be able to connect your TT. What you should do instead is get 911 and use 051 as pre. 
50's Jazz Club Sounding Songs?
Not so 50's (1996 actually), but try "Night and the City" : Kenny Barron and Charlie Haden. 
Multiple Vulnerabilities In FLAC
Than you might be interested in this :http://www.securityfocus.com/bid/25567 
Name your favorite sax solo.
Charles Lloyd - almost anything - my favorit is "Tales of Rumi" from Canto. 
bi wiring
For what it is worth, here is something about bi-wiring http://www.audioholics.com/education/cables/bi-wiring-from-amplifier-to-loudspeaker.I biwire. 
Vitus audio?
Here is a review : http://www.stereotimes.com/amp011807.shtml