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Which cables for McIntosh - B&W system?
Antonkk,I think that if the cheap MIT you already tried works well enough, then you should probably try the MIT Shotguns. MIT has a lending library in their website if you would like to try them in your system. 
Sanders Magtech Amp or Bryston 4B-SST2 4 Mags 3.6
Ldworet,I have the Spectron Musician III mono-blocks with Bybee purifiers driving the Maggies 3.6r and they are spectacular. At the current asking price, you can't go wrong with it. Lots of control and very clean, tight and articulate sound.One th... 
amp for maggies 3.6
From what I know, when an amp goes into clipping is when the drivers and fuses in the Maggies start to blow up.For a few years, I've been using the Spectron Musician III MK2 mono-blocks with Bybee purifiers. These amps have lots of headroom, so I'... 
how do you determine anti-skate settings?
I recently spoke to a Clearaudio rep about this very topic... He said that as long as your TT is level (use a bubble leveler to make it so), anti-skate is not only worthless, but can actually harm both stylus and recordClearly, that Clearaudio rep... 
Does EAR324 phono stage sound like tubes ?
I perceived the sound of the 324 as being taut throughout, but with some added noise and distortion. This tautness plus noise/distortion can also be present in live music that's neither played with good quality instruments nor in an uncontrolled a... 
Does EAR324 phono stage sound like tubes ?
I used to have the EAR 324. I would not say that the 324 is very quiet. It is somehow quiet, but it is not very quiet. When the 324 was in my system, I could hear some hum if I turned the volume all they way up, without music of course. There was ... 
Magic on Cleanse Electrical Power " road ".
While going over some stock fuses I have, I came across Cardas Contact Conditioner in my drawer. I decided to clean/treat all fuses and connector contacts with the Cardas Contact Conditioner. I simply cannot believe that such simple procedure can ... 
Wilson-Benesch A.C.T. 0.5 arm azimuth
A while back, I had the same turntable/tonearm for over a year, and I agree with what others have said. In order to achieve the right azimuth, the tonearm had to be rotated around its frontal axis by rotating the counter-weight on the back. In my ... 
Magnepan owners : past / present
I have to yet listen to a set of cone speakers that can do imaging and layering better than the Maggies 3.6r and 21.1, regardless of the price.That's the main reason why I still have the 3.6s and will have them for the foreseeable future. 
Review: Joule Electra Marianne Electra Memorial Edition Tube preamp
The Marianne Electra 300ME preamp has no ceased to amaze me since being upgraded from the 150ME. The upgraded power supply in the output stage seems to have improved an already excellent preamp. I'm still impressed by the fact that with everything... 
Bel Canto Ref 1000MK2 or Wyred SX1000MK2
The anti-Spectron police is in the house! 
Bel Canto Ref 1000MK2 or Wyred SX1000MK2
Macdadtexas,As you can read, Dob didn't suggest Spectron amps, yet you decided to go with the uncalled for comment.I'm driving your same speakers, Maggies 3.6r, with the Spectron monoblocks and I can assure you that they are not bright. I've even ... 
Maggies a waste if only 3' from backwall?
My Magies 3.6r are three feet from the wall and they sound terrific. In my room, there is no lack of bass, thanks in great part to the Joule Electra 300ME/Spectron mono-block combo. 
HRS Isolation Voodoo, anyone experienced this?
Bill_k is right. A material has a natural resonance, which can be affected by adding weight to it, therefore creating a damping effect on the rack. 
Spectron amp isolation
My Spectron amps don't have any RF problem. I can turn the volume all the way up, with nothing playing, and there is absolutely no sound, hiss, buzz, hum, etc. coming from the speakers. BTW, this is in NYC.Best,