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Longer XLR Runs
Rest easy. True XLRs are intended for long runs in noisy environments and they work great in short ones also iff your equipment is truly balanced.Long speaker cables drop the damping of your amp and can cause bass roll-off, all other things being ... 
1099-K from PayPal (tax form)
PayPal just stomped a very large sale over the holidays because it was "over my recent sales pricing." Guess they forgot the 5 figure sales per transaction - reported the income -  done with Japan and Eastern Europe for 10 years. Never had an unha... 
What's the benefit of balanced tonearm cables?
How do I convert a single-ended tonearm cable, with the ground wire separate (2 RCAs per channel plus a thin ground cable) to a balanced tonearm cable using two male XLRs? I use an Ortofon Kontrapunkt b MC 'low output' cartridge. The tonearm cable... 
Neil Young calls out Tidal
Several years ago I met Mr. Stuart at an audio show introducing TIDAL. I had a question. Since the bitrate supported, speed and bandwidth of the interweb was increasing exponentially, and solid state storage was shrinking in price, I asked him how... 
Any advice? Parasound A21, Ayre V5xe, Benchmark AHB2, or Bryston 4B3?
For (nearfield) listening the ABH2 will be the best. And, the transparency will enhance the ’British roots’ of the Harbeths as pointed out above whilst keeping tight woofer control. Oh, be sure to get the inexpensive Benchmark Media cables especia... 
McIntosh vs Accuphase?
We test, fix and upgrade all equipment including McIntosh. However, we sell very few lines including Accuphase and Benchmark Media Systems in electronics. Both of these measure and perform well but they present the client with a very different ide... 
My Oppo is a bit too bright
Ideas: Try playing with the OPPO filters. Use the balanced analog output if you can and turn off the gain control. Don’t use ’bright’ cables - try the inexpensive Benchmark Media cables. Get a really well-recorded SACD (Heifetz, Roger Waters, Jorm... 
Who's using Harbeth with tubes, what speaker model and how many watts per channel?
Sorry, that upgrade information is proprietary. Hint: it is does raise the output power considerably. And, the cosmetics of the amp are not changed! 
Who's using Harbeth with tubes, what speaker model and how many watts per channel?
IMHO, Best Harbeth sound from tubes came from a pair of MC 60s my PE upgraded according to scientific principles to take advantage of the wide bandwidth output transformers.  
Next Best Upgrade for Tidal MQA?
QoBuz.1000 Gb internet service.Wired digital interconnects only. 
Tweaks you got rid of because they were not effective (enough)?
Expensive Ethernet cables esp. Cat 6 or 8. 
Best 40 to 50k used speakers
If you are in a part of Europe that imports them. e.g., Scandinavia, I would go with a pair of Sound Labs full range electrostatics new.  
Can anyone recommend an FM Receiver that would play into a relatively high end system?
I have a 6' yagi antenna on my roof with a rotator. It was professionally installed. Pick the antenna first, then get a tuner next. The most expensive tuner in the world cannot make up for an indoor or cheap 'amplified' antenna. 
Long XLR cables - help me decide
Assuming you have true balanced connections, I'd buy sets of balanced cables from Benchmark Media Systems in Syracuse, NY. On their site they have some demonstrations of their cables versus others for magnetic interference, etc. If you DIY you can... 
To venture back into vinyl or not,...that is the question.
I don't know anything about turntables under $500. I'm sure that is lots of info on this site. I have 100s of LPS, subscribe to QoBuz, and use an SACD/CD player. However:Sometimes SQ depends on the LP mix and the CD mix. A friend brought over a B’...