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Adding a SS amp as a 2nd amp for my tube rig has been a plus
On my trips to Japan the really hiend crowd uses SS preamps (usually Accuphase) and tube amps (vintage ’tosh and Marantz, and I believe Japanese Triode brand.) They use lots of horn L/S - many are 16 ohm nominal impedance. They explain do not want... 
Audio Research Sold
richopp-Interesting. We repair and upgrade both ARC and Mc based on 40+ years of experience. Since Mc has gone to hybrids and multilayer circuit boards, they have become less reliable and much more difficult to repair. For example, in recent integ... 
Accuphase DP-78 doesn't read SACD layer
salc:I am an authorized Accuphase dealer on the east side of the Hudson. My E.E./P.E. repair person maybe able to help you out. Is the unit a US Axxis import or from another country? If the unit no longer under warranty or comes from another area ... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Biber in 24 bit 96kHz streaming on QoBuz.Following Ambient Music by Brian Eno. 
Best bookshelf loudspeakers under 10,000 for the pair
Sound Lab Ministats. They have a dynamic woofer and an electrostatic tweeter. Available in many wood finishes. Since you already have a penchant for electrostatics, you’ll be at home wit them. They are self-powered and do not have to be plugged in... 
Speaker upgrade question - Wilson vs Focal
Before you buy, just for fun, listen to a properly set up Sound Lab Majestics or Ultimates for your room size/configuration and price range, (even if you have heard QUADs, MLs or Magnepans and don't care for them....not the same thing) 
SACD player with variable output.
Make sure you get an SACD player from a company that makes it own transports and stocks the parts to fix them.  Accuphase does. 
Well maybe it IS my hearing
Agree with eisen0169 -I get my ears professionally cleaned regularly.In fact, I think one should get all one's senses cleaned or exercised regularly. 
Is it possible to have vinyl nearly noise free?
Got this idea from Hifi Critic magazine and it works.Freeze a couple of records (after giving them a machine clean if you wish) and then use a rather strong magnet to take out metallic particles. Use a brush also.Let them come back to room temp an... 
Better sound with ethernet cable?
Note about above 5 GHz wifi:Best downloads I could get was about 60Mb consistently versus the 350Mb wired.My service is 300Mb but it test at 350. Bandwidth is everything. Don't worry about the jitter. 
Better sound with ethernet cable?
Testbed:350 Mb modem downloads bandwidth tested with 1GB wired and 5GHz Wifi directly from the cable modem. All systems connected to Oppo UDP 205 USB DAC. I used commercial quality cabling throughout as I have found and tested pricey Audiophile br... 
What equipment have you bought this year so far ?
So far - I bought a subscription to QoBuz, a 2009 MacMini with (2) 1TB SSD, upgraded my cabling to CAT 7 or 8 (no fancy overpriced stuff - I test it all), and found a stash of pre-recorded cassettes that I can play in my 2002 car. 
Esoteric F-07, F-05, Levinson 585
You might check out the Accuphase E-480. 
What to do when the preamp you were ripped off on shows up online ?
Sold thru market places under discussion some expensive Wilson speakers that were pristine and shipped freight in their original crates. We took pictures of them before shipping. Shipping was done through a vendor who ships artwork around the worl... 
Accuphase Vs Parasound
I agree with Andrew Jones.I would recommend the Accuphase E 470 or the other less expensive class A/B integrated amps in that series for these speakers. The previous generation of Accuphase would be ok also.Sometimes it pays to wait for the best.