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Cheapest places to buy gear?
Garage sales 
How did U get into this expensive hobby?
In the late 60s I studied violin and used to listen to the pieces I was to learn - borrow the record from the library, follow the sheet music on this monoral thing of my parents. Anyway I visited a friend with wealthy parents and he had this big M... 
What happened to Volksamp
I think that this has nothing to do with the viability of Volksamp but rather the situation of Earthlink, the web hoster. This is just opinion/conjecture on my part but perhaps Volksamp have changed their ISP or will be changing their ISP. As Wall... 
Cary 805c and Quad ESL-63 Combination?
The Pass Aleph series work well with the 63s. I use the Aleph 5 to good effect. I listen primarly to classical and adult rock. I use Nordost Flatline cable. I have tried many other solid state and tube amps but have settled on the Pass. 
Innersound Speaker Wire Interconnects?
I posted the same query below on the 16th :)) under the title "New Inner Sound Cables". Hope one of us gets an answer! 
Finally gonna buy new speakers, ideas?
Given your choice of music I think you might find them wonderful on female vocals. If possible get your amps down there or get the dealer to truck the SLs to your house. First, I sometimes find demonstrators turn up the mids too much on the SLs. T... 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
I have had QUAD ESLs since the late 70s. I have actually given some of my pairs away as gifts during this time but have always had a pair. These of course are the so-called 57s. I find as electronics improve eg. Pass amplifiers, they get better so... 
Advice on Phono Cables for VPI TT?
I have one of these on my Linn and I am pleased with it. Perhaps it is still being offered, just not heavily advertised, as are most cables FMS. 
Soundlab M-3 vs Dynastat...
The Dynastat (and other modern hybrids)is very good but there is nothing as seamless as a full range electrostatic like the M series. A major difference I hear is in their ability to reproduce the full sonority/identity of instruments like cellos ... 
How to by amp or bridge Amps
Bravo, Plato. 
Arc LS25 BAT 50 arc Ref2mkII auditions
I wonder how the Adcom would have faired in the mix? Rather well, I'm guessing. It is also a fraction of the price of the tube units, and offers a true balanced design, as well as the option of running in passive mode. I know that certain Audiogon... 
Speakers for Pass Aleph 3
You might consider a pair of original QUAD ESLs or a pair of 63s. They have the resolving power that reveals the beauty of the Pass. I am using a Pass 5 with my ESLs now. After all, the QUAD is the speaker that the B&Ws emulate in a more easil... 
PreAmp for Bryston 3BST/Mirage OM6 combo
There a few preowned Conrad Johnsons on the Classified block that you might enjoy. These have an extremely musical sound in systems comparable to yours that I have heard them in. 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Jusi Boerling (sp) a great tenor. 
Tuners: Accuphase T101 vs Audiolab 8000T
I agree that the Accuphase T100 is one of the great tuners of all time. I have a full Yagi aerial setup with rotor on my roof, and the Accuphase sounds wonderful on live BSO broadcasts. Because it is analog you can tune it slightly off the frequen...