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Roon Nucleus vs generic NUC
You’re not missing anything. If you want, you can put your NUC in a fanless case. Otherwise, no difference.   
USB reclocker vs DDC?
A couple of years ago, I added a Denafrips Gaia to a Terminator DAC and switched from AES3 to I2S. To start out, I used an $12 HDMI cable from Amazon. This provided a very noticeable improvement over the AES3 connection.  I later upgraded to a Tu... 
USB reclocker vs DDC?
Most DDCs include a reclocker, but many DDCs include a USB input, but not a USB output. They will connect to the DAC using SPDIF, AES3, Toslink or I2S. A USB reclocker, on the other hand, generally has just USB in and out.   
High powered single end 300b recommendations
This doesn't seem like a good fit. You can get 15-16W from a parallel 300B SET, but unless you listen at very modest volumes and have a fairly small room, an amp like this is probably not going to meet your expectations.  
Audio Note Amplifier Kits
@johnah5 - I've heard some Audio Note amps at audio shows, but not in my system. I think the kits deliver similar performance to the lower-end AN commercial units, but none of the kits (that I'm aware of) have the silver wire transformers and the ... 
Audio Note Amplifier Kits
@vinylvalet ​​@charles1dad - Thanks for the compliments.  If anyone is interested, I created a build thread on the SH forums.  https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/ank-300b-interstage-monoblocks.1112018/#post-27958720  
Audio Note Amplifier Kits
@charles1dad - When I first finished the ANK amps, I was using GR-Research NX-Oticas. These cross over to powered subs at around 70Hz. The 300B amps provided a bit more depth and width to the sound stage, a more natural decay, and a smoother midra... 
Audio Note Amplifier Kits
I built a pair of 300B monoblocks starting with the ANK kit but I made a lot of "upgrades" to the design. I am very pleased with the results. I like them better than my Pass XA60.8s. I built my own enclosures to allow more room for the changes I w... 
Tube Preamp for Pass XA25 under $3,000
You could also consider upgrading your Freya. There are numerous blogs and posts about upgrades. Here’s an example. Freya mods  
Kimber Cable Select
I'm using Iconoclast 4x4 gen 2 UP-OCC balanced interconnects between my DAC and Preamp (1M), and between my Preamp and monoblock amps (7M). I love this cable. I tried a number of other cables and was never completely satisfied until I tried these.... 
12 Year DCS Scarlatti DAC Plus Clock vs Denafrips Terminator Plus
I have owned the Terminator Plus along with the Gaia DDC for almost two years. I haven't heard the DCS Scarlatti, but have heard the Rossini on a number of occasions. The Rossini was in a more expensive system (not in mine) so I don't have an appl... 
Pass XA 25 versus Parasound A21+ - anyone compare?
I switched from a JC5 to a pair of XA60.8s. I found the Pass amps to sound a bit richer with a nice improvement in sound stage. A touch less sparkle in the high end though.   
Has anyone compared the Dinafrips Terminator II to the Terminator +?
I upgraded from the Terminator (with the latest DSP board prior to the T II) to the Terminator +. The T+ has a tonal balance and presentation almost exactly the same as the Terminator, but with a bit more detail and a smoother top end. I don't reg... 
Help and Advice Needed: Cary Audio SLP-05 Preamp RMA Disaster
I think the OP is confused about RMS vs Pk to Pk voltages. The Cary DACs are rated at +/- 3v. This is 2.1v RMS, not 6v. The Holo May DAC has much higher output levels at 5.8v RMS.   
Mid-fi tube vs high-end SS
@lloydc - I agree with your comment regarding toroidal transformers. They may be a bit more challenging to use in a tube amp due to their extended bandwidth (passes more AC mains noise) and sensitivity to DC (careful output stage balancing is requ...