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speaker selection help ... on a budget
I'm sure you will get plenty of suggestions, but let me throw out the original Advent Loudspeakers. I still use a pair in my analogue setup. They won't resolve as well as much more expensive speakers, but their dynamic range and clarity is excelle... 
Anyone HEARD the qol 'signal completion' device?
Douglas_schroeder - Having read several reviews and comments from you, I think I have a firm grasp of your system building philosophy/preferences. While it's not all that appropriate for my budget, it does make plenty of sense to me. I haven't hea... 
I had a nice listening session with Eric on Wednesday. I know he mentioned something on Saturday, and I'd probably be there again but have prior obligations. Let's keep the ball rolling and get a solid club together. 
Best Speakers for around $2000
If you read some more about the Vandersteens and decide they might be for you, look around. You might be able to find a used pair of the 3A's within your budget. I really enjoy the 2Ce's, but the 3A's are wonderful. 
Album which you have listened to most?
Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby (probably not uncommon in these circles, but I've been listening to this one since before I actually formed lasting memories).NTSU One O'Clock Lab Band - Lab '75 (The Grammy album composed by pre-Pat Metheny Group Lyle... 
Tubes for Lamm LL2
I don't know exactly what changes you want to hear, and I'm not all that familiar with the Lamm, but those are both great tubes. There are a few that might be better, but I think you're right in the sweetspot on the price/performance curve. 
Peachtree Decco Power Cord upgrade?
I made a DIY power cord for my Peachtree. 3 runs of 12 AWG OCC copper, Schurter IEC, Marinco wall plug, and a copper sleeve/shield with a nylon braid around everything. It's more than enough power cord for the Peachtree. That being said, I have a ... 
What is Jazz?
Ok, I performed mostly "Jazz" for about 15 years. I still have an incredibly hard time defining the genre. I guess I think of it as an umbrella that covers a bunch of other sub-genres. 
Best Jazz pianist
My favorite are probably Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson, depending upon my mood. I also really enjoy Keith Jarrett, Tommy Flanagan, Michel Camilo, Michael Palma, Dan Haerle, and Shelly Berg (amongst many, many others). 
Wanting to get into Vinyl - Need help
If you're not really wanting to do any tweaking, I would strongly recommend that you do not mail-order a TT. Find a local dealer or a local A-gon member who'd be willing to help set up your table. I enjoy the whole process and am capable of settin... 
I'm in NE Ft Worth (near Watauga). I've also got a couple of other people who'd probably enjoy getting together, but they're not active on Audiogon. 
Output watts per tube
I am by no means an expert, but I'll give you my line of thought for an answer. The maximum value for the EL34 of ~25 watts is for pentode operation. You can take a bit more than half of that number for the maximum output in triode operation (~13 ... 
$2000-$3000 integrated with DAC ???
I really like Peachtree's iNova (~$1800). It has 6 total digital inputs: 1 USB, 2 Coax, 2 Optical, 1 iPod dock. 80 wpc amp, and a 32 bit Sabre DAC. (The previous incarnation had the 24 bit Sabre chip). Above your budget, but probably eventually av... 
The best used, high quality moniter $1000 budget
The Usher S520 is a great, ultra-compact, front-ported monitor. They list for around $450, but should compete well with anything else in your budget. The fit and finish alone is excellent. If you're pairing these with a sub, I think you'll find th... 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
Rock - Dogfish head 90 minute IPAClassical or laid back Jazz - a nice red (Don Melchor cab is a good one)Big band - Gin and tonic with a squeeze of fresh lime.Salsa - Milagro tequila with 1/2 an orange and lime with a splash of Cointreau.More ofte...