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Bricasti M5 Users
I picked up a Bricasti M5 two and a half weeks ago. I am using a Chord Qutest DAC being fed by Transparent Coax cable. I have not tried going the USB route. In my research I ran across the following which you may already be aware of: (1) Christia... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Stanley Clarke and Friends Live at the Greek  
Which Streamer is a Major Upgrade over PS Audio Bridge II in a DSD DAC
Don't know if you are running Roon or not, but can vouch for the Bricasti M5 Network Player which makes for an excellent Roon endpoint.  
Recommended integrated amplifier for upgrade
+1 for the Coda CSiB Integrated.  I have had mine for 2 months now driving Thiel CS 2.4s which present with a wicked impedance curve (around 2.8 ohms at 600 hz), and the Coda handles it with ease.  I have the v1, 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms ... 
Thiel Owners
Additional factoid: On my Thiel Warranty Registration, date of sale to original owner is listed as July 6, 2006.  
Thiel Owners
@tomthiel My Thiel CS 2.4s are serial# 2951 and 2952. Purchased pre-owned from Audio Consultants. Speakers were approximately 5 years old at time of puchase in April of 2011, with 5 years remaining on the warranty.  So presumably manufactured som... 
Chord Qutest
Purchased mine in March of 2019.  No issues.  Love it.  
Using Melco as a Roon Endpoint
@labowma1  So having upgraded your N1A to an EX, are you now using it as a Roon streamer, i.e. with the Melco connected via USB to your DAC.    My question then, is the sound quality better than using the Roon Nucleus as a server/streamer connec... 
Thiel Owners
Coda CSiB integrated amp has been in my system for two weeks now, and I couldn't be happier; delivering the best sound I've ever heard from my CS 2.4s. A significant step up from my venerable Bryston 3Bst / BP20 combo. Two word description of the... 
Thiel Owners
Just to let everyone know that after a 2 month wait, took delivery of my new Coda CSiB integrated amp today. So far so good. My CS 2.4s seem very happy with it. And more importantly, the Mrs is happy with it. Also happy to report that I ordered it... 
Thiel Owners
@dsper  From 1996 to 2004 I had my .CS 5s hooked up to an ADS A2 integrated (80 watts per side into 8 ohms) and it was decent, but then in 2004 stepped it up to Bryston rig - 3BST with BP20 preamp, and it made for a big step up in SQ. Very same r... 
Thiel Owners
dsper +1 for the CS .5 - had a pair in my living room from 1996 to 2011 before upgrading to 2.4s. Absolutely fantastic little floor stander.  
Who uses ADS Speakers
In 2018 picked up a pre-owned pair of  vintage A/D/S/ L210B speakers for use in a breakfast room system matched up with a Bluesound Powernode N150.  Impressive little speakers.        
Thiel Owners
In case anyone is interested, TMR has posted an amberwood pair of CS 1.6 for $899 + $149 for shipping with condition listed as 7 out of 10.  Serial# 3053; 3054 https://tmraudio.com/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/thiel-cs1-6-floorstanding-speak... 
Thiel Owners
In case anyone is interested, TMR has listed CS 2 pair in teak for $799 + $299 for shipping; serial# 3335,3336 condition listed as 6/10. https://tmraudio.com/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/thiel-cs2-floorstanding-speakers-cs-2-teak-pair/