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What kind of music do you like to hear the most?
Classical (occ. jazz).  I like country and 50s/60s rock too--I just don't play it except in the cheap-ass cd-player of my '88 station wagon.   (Ah dancing!   I remember that!  Maybe next summer). 
100 W Tube Amplifier Malfunctioned
All I might add is that if you decide to have a look inside to see if you can find a blown capacitor or bad resister (which may be pretty easy given that someone as technically challenged as I am has done it), you might take the advice often given... 
Speakers sound brighter at evening / night?
Why is that surprising?  Food tastes better/(ok--different) in the evening.  Sex is better/different.  Drugs are better/(different).  Falling asleep is different.  Having a phone conversation is different.  Why shouldn't music sound better/(differ... 
Tube Fire What Next?
Ha ha!  I've had a tube fire as well.  It is quite spectacular, particularly if you have company when it happens. No problem.  It MAY be (as it was in my case) bad connection with tube sockets (although my fire was not inside the tube.)  Clean the... 
VPI Magic Brick threads deleted
Stereo5--Unless you are being ironic (hard to tell these days), could you define exactly which of your freedoms has gone away recently.  What can you no longer do that you used to do?  Please be very specific, so that we can understand what you mean. 
Ever Hear a Tube CD player?
I had a Luxman, which sounded ... ok, I guess.  It cost 2-3x what any other CD players I've had  and eventually devoted transport problems.   It's only real virtues were two:  (1)  it looked REALLY cool, (2) it finally got me to buy tube amps, whi... 
Which tubes are the best?
I get mine at TubeDepot.com.   Not sure I notice worlds of difference, but JJ's aren't very expensive, sound fine to my ear, and have a good reputation, and at least the ones I've bought are not over-priced for what my ears can hear. 
Unbelievable 3-D imaging sound
I confess that I am taking my EQ to where I live in the summer to see if I can tweak the match between ... well, all of 3-4 components.  Plus the room ... plus where I sit ...  I'm pretty sure I will fuss with it for a while then forget about it. ... 
Unbelievable 3-D imaging sound
Not sure why so many assume that the purpose of a system should be to "reproduce" the input, or "exactly what musicians/engineers wanted."  Most of us go to live music (well, I do anyway), and there is no such thing as a "standard" sound/signal or... 
I define "troll" as someone who buys a car and complains to the company that his tires wore out after 70,000 miles. 
smaller speakers for critical listening?
I guess I have to ask "what is 'critical listening'"?  You hook up some Radio Shack speakers.  You know they're cheap.  So what are you critiquing?  Give me an example of a conclusion you might make.  (e.g., 'the violins sound tinny ...'?)  If you... 
What are your thoughts on the "Edsels" of the audio history?
What about the anti-static gun?  (It was said to get you high if you aimed it at your temple, but mine, alas, didn't do that well either.) 
Douk Audio. Any experience with any of their products?
I bought their 6P1 (Nobsound) amp two years ago.  The BAD:  the cheap on/off switch took about an hour for me to reassemble and get working right.  Then, this year, a channel began to fail, then completely failed in a puff of smoke.  I got in touc... 
Talk but not walk?
I'm lucky to be on a budget--after a few thousand dollars, my hands begin to shake, I feel very unhappy, and all music sounds crappy to me.  Therefore, I cannot test whether a $10,000 amp sounds 'better' than my $500 ones.   But (at least back whe...