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best Direct TV HD receiver
Too bad about Sony. I have a 9 year old Sony SAT-A1 that I bought new. It has an optical digital out, very rare for the time, but it doesnt do Dolby Digital. But it really has great sound quality, which is why I bought it. I really do want to upgr... 
Help Me Expand My Music Taste
If you have XM radio, or willing to get it, the Real Jazz station is a great source. They have a lot of diversity, and on Saturday mornings they have a musician on profiling a jazz great. It often goes into detail about techniques, etc. They also ... 
Buyer Beware of Late Part 2
Edkoz, similar is often used in computer for sale forums, but I have never seen a picture with the seller in it! Simply a piece of cardboard, with your "handle" and date written on it, taken with the item is sufficient. 
Cayin TA30 -- Anyone Ever Run in SE Triode?
I believe the problem with KT88's is that the non-modded TA-30s (by Paul at Bizzybee) do not have enough range of adjustment on the bias pots to accomodate them. Paul replaces the pots and adds external biasing jacks. 
Loudness of TV Commercials
"The NTSC TV system uses signals transmitted during the retrace interval at the end of several scan lines to signal TV stations on signal equalization and among other things, commercial cueing. I always wondered why no one built a TV that could re... 
Anybody on Patty Larkin?
On Tango, track 5, "Solo Flight" is a superb guitar solo. You can hear her fingers on the strings. I used to bring that with me for speaker auditions, salesmen generally hated me for it. 
TAD-803 2 way speaker review
Bartokfan, so when you heard these speakers, what in particular did you not like about them?John 
How to use stand alone pre-amp with HT?
As far as calibrating, if the preamp has a HT bypass, you dont need to set the volume on the preamp anywhere, it is out of the loop. The way you suggested will work if the preamp does not have an HT bypass, you simply set the volume at an easily-r... 
How to use stand alone pre-amp with HT?
You buy a pre-amp with a "HT bypass". There are many out there now with this feature. You take the LT/RT front outputs from your Arcam, and run it to the new preamp. There should be a special input for this. Now you run the LT/RT outputs from your... 
Best cheap projector for small HT.
Some great responses here. One thing to remember is that the digital PJ's do not beam the image straight ahead, they actually offset it upwards. This is so you can sit it on a coffee table for example,and the image will be above the coffee table. ... 
Anybody on Patty Larkin?
I have seen Patty live a number of times, back in the early '90's. Tango is probably her first commercial semi-success, and a great disc. She plays a very nice acoustic guitar in addition to her sweet vocals. Angels Running is probably my favorite. 
Help with a tube amp recommendation
You might want to post this in the speaker forum too, and make sure to put Merlin in the subject, chances are Bobby P will give you some "first-hand" recommendations! 
advice re stand mounted speakers
GMA Europas. New for $999, used from $600 and up. 
Hints on how to sell on A'gon?
If you are going to auction, generally Fri and Mon are the best days for the auction to end. Preferably in the early evening. People are often away for weekends. I use these tips on the that other big auction site. I usually time auctions to end a... 
Any suggestion?
Cayin TA-30 works very will with the Europas for me. Should be available used in your price range.