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Brinkmann Lagrange or Kuzma Stabi M
Both are great tables made by two great manufacturers. I have heard both and enjoyed both but believe the level of technology of the LaGrange is much more advanced than the Stabi M. With the motor isolation, speed stability and tube power supply, ... 
Denon DL103 and SME IV arm
I personally did not like the combo. Everything I read speaks to the Denon needing a very heavy arm, the newer SME arms are simply not made to work with these types of low compliance carts. 
Acrylics,Your feedback that:"I would be extremely concerned with resale value, with TTW models constantly changing"Can be easily said of most turntable manufacturers (EX: VPI,ClearAudio and Linn). Items in our hobby are made in such small quantiti... 
AMG V12 vs SME 20/12
Peterayer,Please know that Audiooracle is a dealer who does not carry SME. Need I say more??? 
Quality of Analogue Productions pressings
The best audiophile pressings I've purchased we're from Cisco. However, I too have had a lot of issues with new vinyl. My theory is that pressings have always had issuess but the used vinyl I purchase has been "pre-sorted" by the music lovers befo... 
It's all over now, baby blue. Or is it not?
I have a two year old and we listen to music all the time, it's what we do together. Getting out of the hobby is a terrible idea unless all you listen to is death metal. Here's what I did:-Digitize all my CD's-Move my record collection into a spar... 
What's Up with Magnapan at Shows?
Maplegrove,They literallty have a mystery speaker behind the curtain that listeners are supposed to guess what they're hearing....i assume because the logic is beyond me. Elizabeth,I would like to meet ANY company that "has enough orders!" If they... 
Buyers Beware Avoid Shawser61 Possibly Fraud
I never buy from anyone how as not had some interaction with the dangerous. 
what would you do?
You are going to need a lot more proof to paint Upscale audio as anything but a A+ dealer. What did Kevin say when you called him, that's all that matters. Several years ago I bought a blemished (B stock) record cleaner from him at a discount. Whe... 
Fremer lays an Ostrich egg...
There were actually two negative reviews in the magazine, both attributed to "class D'ish" or non-standard topologies. Interesting. 
What is my weak est link...? Suggestions please.
Viridian,Nice work, you are the perfect example of why this hobby is losing participants. How many times have we been into audio stores and had to deal with snooty and rude dealers? Congrats.ADP689,Good luck in your search for good sound. Hales ar... 
Speaker pairings with Pass INT-30A
Good to see you back into the hobby! My friend has Zu Superfly and im amazed with the sound. Fast and great bass. 
any Yuri's Honing work fans?
I heard Star Tracks at CES and was really impressed. $145 used on Amazon! 
DeVore Orangutan O/96
funny rant Dalercrommie. I've attend CES every year and have heard most highend speakers and can say the Orangutans are something very special. This hobby is all about new innovations, with manufacturers attempting to capture the ultimate sound an... 
I had the following system for a few years:-Hovland HP-100-Pass X350.5-EPS2It was a great system with the Pass delivering enough current for extended, tight bass. Dont miss out, killer combo.