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Speaker placement and repair
'Preciate it. 
Sensual Music
-The Art of Noise, "Moments in Love" (instrumental, extended version)-Louis Armstrong, "Let's Do It", :Makin Whoopee"-Etta James "Leave YOur Hat On"-Maceo Parker "Children's World" (instrumental, another 10+ min selection)-D'Angelo "Untitled/How D... 
Upgrading from B&W 601 S2 to ???
Maverick,Welcome. I am one of the least seasoned or knowledgeable people you will find here, but your situation sounds similar to mine so, for what it is worth, I will share my experience.I have built a system with the final word always being budg... 
Looking for a quality all around unit
I agree with the Arcam recommendation. I have an AVR200 integreated. Very warm, very strong. There is also their SOLO line, but I don't know if you can hook up other front-ends to that. 
under $500 used which a/v receiver or processor
I have a five year aold Arcam AVR 200. It is an ss intergrated rated at 85 wpc, but definitely drives harder than that. Very good power management. It has DD, DTS decoding, and 5.1 channels. I chsoe it over the Denon 3910 (3901?) and have been rea... 
Building an Audio - TV Room -- Help?
I know just $.02 more than you do, but here it is.Depending on how much you want to spend, you might need to do somehting with the floor, i.e. replacing/reinforcing beams. I would think that being on the second floor is going to give you problems ... 
Live infectious funk jams....quality recordings
I third The Meters. Also highly recommend Rebirth Brass Band - horn funk. 
The power of music
I remember watching a kids science show on public tv. They were talking about sending messages into space to see if any other life form might be out there. There were two media for the messages that the scientists presumed any culture sophisticate... 
Buy a sub or ditch my new speakers altogether?
I had the 602's, the monitor version of the 602.5's. Yours are probably more bass capable than mine, given the longer cabinet. But I did run mine with a matching sub and was very happy with them. Given that people run subs with floor-standers cost... 
System-Buster CDs
I am not in the habit of testing frequently; I have what I like and can't afford anymore. But, to see what my system can do, these are some of my go-to's:John Coltrane's A Love Supreme, Digital remaster - this brings a fast changing range of tone'... 
bookshelf speaker choice
I used to run B&W dm 602 S3's with a matching sub and was very pleased with them.Ironically, I got rid of them because of little kids. I had them mounted on stands, but they did not attach to the stands themselves and so presented a real risk.... 
Angriest Lyric/Vocal
Public Enemy -- Fear of a Black Planet, "Burn Hollywood Burn" 
Non classical piano based music recommendaiton
Billy Taylor, esp. "Ten Fingers, One Voice" -- all piano soloBill Evans, "Conversations with Myself" -- genius experiment with early multi-track recordingAhmad Jamal, Round the world TourHerbie Hancock and Chick Corea -- a dance of great players 
Speakers under $750.00...Preposterous Notion?
Not the leat bit preposterours, especially if you're willing to consider used. Most folks here have a LOT more listening experience than I do (brands, model lines, etc.) but I would add a second to the B&W dm602 s3 recommendation. I had them a... 
What song best describes you or your life?
"Son of a Preacher Man", 'Retha