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High Fidelity Cables?
@tranchautuan  Just curious if you had a chance to talk with Schultz regarding the $3,000+ that you mentioned he owes you?  
Intg Amps: Hegel 590 vs NAD M33 Masters vs Gryphon Diablo 120
@bigtwin I purchased the H590 from an original owner a few years back.  You would never have known it wasn’t brand new when I received it.  As quality amps are built to last for decades, paying 50% or more extra just to get the "new car smell" ... 
Resolving CD Transports Crowd Sourcing
I'd consider waiting until all the bugs are worked out of the new Schiit transport and for a couple of reviews.  I have only owned two lesser priced Schiit products, the SYS and Lokius, but like their overall business model.  
High Fidelity Cables?
@tranchautuan @ozzy I lost around 3k+ usd (topup money) and my original HFC Ultimate Reference RCA pair when I got a deal to send my cable to HFC for upgrade. Happy some still raise it up I hope that this Rick dude pays back tranchautuan, e... 
Digital input amp
@tvrgeek  I see one here just can't stop insulting people. Sigh.  Nobody can learn anything that way.  Actually @tvrgeek, here's a heads up.  Most of us here have a fairly thick skin.  But what would you think about someone who starts a thread... 
Is there a "Help" Thread?
@tonydennison I think you should just take a second and email A’gon through their communications portal and let them take care of you.  
Is there a "Help" Thread?
Actually, I have had fast and great success just using the help request function of this site.  Pretty much the opposite experience as above.  
@tattooedtrackman  I will defer to those with more experience.  But if it was me and I did not notice anything that sounds wrong, as in your case, I wouldn't even think one thought of messing with my crossovers. I would just sit back and enjoy yo... 
Better yet, see if you can talk with B & W about the advisability of updating the crossovers or not.   
There is no set rule regarding how long ferrofluid lasts.  I have read 10-15 years is typical. Chances are your ferrofluid is still basically still ok and you will hear little or no difference after having it changed, but who knows.  My speakers ... 
I have changed the ferrofluid in my tweeters.  The ease or difficulty in doing so depends entirely on how hard or easy it is to dissemble the tweeters.  It turns out in my case it was easy to dissemble to tweeter to be able to get to the channel w... 
Replace Dynaudio woofers?
  Millersound will repair your woofers to brand new condition at a very reasonable cost.  Simply outstanding all the way around. See Millersound Speaker Refoaming, Speaker Reconing and Repair Services See Audiogon Discussion Forum  
Value of a premium Ethernet cable
I have used both the Linkup and Supra CAT 8.  In my rather modest system the difference in presentation between the two was surprising.  I can understand why anyone would like the Linkup, I like the Supra a bit better and only needed a 6' run.  
Product: Sonus Faber Concertino Domus Bookshelf Speakers; w/ Stands
I think you have paid a fair and usual price assuming they are in good shape.  
Stealth Audio Cables - Customer Service - Seeking Your Thoughts
@joseph796  I agree with you 100%, that it would have been totally better to say they don't offer this type of service.  I'm also with you that I think If I had a cable company I would offer the service you requested at a nominal fee.  But then a...