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Is there anything other than a Benchmark DAC?
Had the Benchmark DAC3 for 7 years. Ultimately found it analytical and too bright in the lower treble for me. I could not unhear a demo of a MSB Discrete DAC and bought one. Added an Aurender N20 and I look forward to listening to this system ever... 
Accuphase e-280 Review
I spent a while evaluating amplifiers and found the Accuphase sound to be exactly what I was looking for. Very analog sounding with a beautiful soundstage with depth and separation and a life like midrange. Of course this matched my taste. It may ... 
Back to the DAC
I had a Benchmark DAC3 and found it a little sterile and bright in the lower treble. I did an audition of an Esoteric DAC and the MSB Discrete DAC. The MSB was clearly a more involving DAC. Smooth non fatiguing. So I bought it and it’s great.   
Ethernet Cables - what are you using and why?
DHLabs from Ethernet Switch to Aurender N20  
Seeking Bookshelf Recommendations
As you can see everyone has their favorites as speakers are the most subjective component. Read reviews to get a sense of the characteristic sound of speakers in your price range. Then go audition them at local audio stores. As most stores stream ... 
Cullen Gold Series Power Box (6 Outlet Receptacle Strip)-Review
Yes it’s on the site. Took about 4 weeks to get it. Patrick said he was backed up with orders. But he does give you updates if you ask. Was worth the wait.   
Opinions on PS Audio Direct Stream DAC (Mk 1)
@audphile1  Surprised you sol your Bricasti DAC. What made you make that change?  
Accuphase Experiences
Yes the ABH2 is very nice amp. Very neutral and detailed. Great amp for evaluating all components in the system. But it just lacks that last bit of midrange body and  while it basically delivers whatever is connected before it with no coloration I... 
Accuphase Experiences
No I didn’t bring the AHB2 with me however the Accuphase clearly had a more expansive soundstage and better instrument separation as well as a slightly more larger presentation that wasn’t confined to a between the speakers image. Also vocals were... 
Accuphase Experiences
Sorry. Been busy and forgot to post the results of my amp auditions.    I liked the Bryson 4b3 demoed with the same DAC, Streamer and Speakers I own. The amp was very dynamic with a nice soundstage. Nothing to complain about but nothing that was ... 
which gain setting for Bryston 4b cubed power amp using my RME ADI-2 DAC FS?
Yes I’m currently running my MSB Discrete DAC directly into my Benchmark AHB2 Amplifier. I have the amp gain at the mid setting of 17db and the DAC Output Impedance set to Low (150 ohms). This gives me a good volume range on my DAC. Volume control... 
Aurender Conductor App Experience
Works ok on my iPad and iPhone   
Handling Heavy Amps
Ok thanks. Will check it out.   
Handling Heavy Amps
How is payment handled on USAM? I do have an account there. Never listed there.   
Handling Heavy Amps
@audphile1  I did try Audiogon but got not one watcher or question. . A day after EBay listing already got 35 watchers and two enquirers. I’ve always had success on EBay. If it doesn’t sell in 10 days I’ll relist on Audiogon