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How do you like the Headphone Section in your Luxmans?
I only have headphones and I use the Luxman P - 750u Headphone amp ad I have not heard an amp to beat it and believe you me I listened to quite a few and they couldn't hold a candle to the Luxman. It is expensive but it is an amp for life.  
Best sounding headphones you have owned?
Best headphones ?? the ones I have now Sennheiser 800's driven by my Luxman Head amp and what a mighty fine sound they make !!  
Headphone break in?
I also believe in "conditioning" your phones for general use and I happen to have Samplitude on my music PC and I can make files of pink and white noise and also sweep tones which again is very handy. When I purchased my Sennheiser 800 phones and ... 
Need to build a headphone system
I would like to recommend what I have , for headphones I would go for Sennheiser 800 and for head amp the Luxman P - 750u which is an absolutely stonking setup. It is so clean and clear that nothing gets between you and the music. Yes I know it do... 
Disbandment of the BBC Singers
I am at a loss as to why people who listen to the BBC would always prefer to listen to excremental serials on the TV with people who can only shout unintelligibly to each other¬† for three quarters of an hour every night and actually love it. Inste... 
What is your favorite Strauss The Last Four Songs?
A clear winner for me is Gundula Janowitz with Von Karajan conducting. One that I am also attached to is Jessye Norman with Kurt Massur conducting. There are also a good number of others that I like in certain songs in the set but not all four.¬†... 
The difference between Qoboz stream vs purchased songs
I think it is a good idea to download the files that you feel you can't live without. I like classical music and I am fed up with the amount of times that I go to listen to something on Qobuz that I haven't listened to for a month only to have an ... 
Jcat network xe on pc server for roon
If you are going to use The network card I would also suggest that you also purchase the ENO network filter to install just before the card. I installed the card this Summer as a step up from the original Network card and was amazed at the differe... 
What is the most challenging music to play on a stereo?
Try Shostakovich Symphony No 10 with Andris Nelsens conducting , that will clean your ears out and rattle the crockery !!!  
Please do let us know how you are getting on with them.  
Ferrite cores on cables
I have used them very successfully on my PC which supplies my streaming on my system and they have got rid of an incredible amount of noise in my system and for me at least it's all for the better.  
I use both the Network and the USB cards. What a difference they make to just using the motherboard slots. If you do decide to go for them make sure you get the ones with the upgraded clocks.  
Great classical pianists
When I was a young record collector my pianistic god was Arrau who couldn't put a finger wrong for me. When it came to the eighties though he just became slow and cumbersome and a lot of the recordings during that period should never have been rel... 
Best qobuz records to compare dac upgrades
Hi there as you say you are interested in classical music may I give you a couple of suggestions. My first is a new recording of Mozart's Wind Music on Deutsche Gramophone by the Blaserphilharmonie. Very open and detailed and a superb spread of in... 
Hi-Fi Tuning Fuse Holder
Try it and see and then you can review it.