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NEWEST Rolling stones Mono reissues.
A fool and his money are easily parted.  
High quality CDs
I will second the recommendation for BIS CD's as their CD's are very very dynamic so watch the volume control as when something starts off quietly the speaker cone can be billowing when you get a climax. you will definitely not be disappointed.  
Do you spend more time analyzing the sound of your system, worrying it could be better?
I have now reached the age where upgrading components leads to minimum sound satisfaction. In other words my ears  don't always hear much improvement in sound quality so I am not getting value for money and there are always other avenues for my ca... 
Speakers for string Quartets
I have been a musician nearly all my life and also a HI Fi nut. I am very into string quartets and have had various ensembles to play them back. My first real forage into chamber music playback was a pair of Stacked Quad ESL 57s. They were much mo... 
The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?
All cheap Chinese DACs that I have heard are unadulterated C$*p.  
Classical Music for Aficionados
@likat   You are very welcome, if there are any more music suggestions you feel you need please do not hesitate as most anyone on the thread will be pleased to chime in with their favourites. Happy listening Jim.  
Classical Music for Aficionados
@likat     I am afraid I haven't heard your recommendation for Scarlatti but if you want outstanding pianism, wonderful dynamics and superb recording quality go to Mikhail Pletnev and I am sure you will love it.   
Classical Music for Aficionados
@twoleftears    Although Fliter is a lovely pianist she is certainly no Maurizio Pollini or Krystian Zimmerman, no those two are safe.  
Speakers for string Quartets
Before I gave up listening to speakers and going on to headphones I used to Have ATC SCM 40 speakers and they were ideal for string quartets. I truly love chamber music with Quartets being my bread and butter and The ATC's being absolutely brillia... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
Amen to that. Charaid.  
Classical Music for Aficionados
And the same to you my friend. Hope you can land on Scotias fair shores.  
Classical Music for Aficionados
@jim5559     Miss Fliter is a very fine pianist Ideally suited to Chopin and I have been watching her since her days as a BBC adoptee and some lovely Wigmore Hall recitals she has given. I Love Ein Heldenleben, it has some gorgeous tunes in it as... 
Classical Music for Aficionados
I am so glad you are enjoying Pires, she sure has a special way with Chopin.  
Check this system out!
This is just a mines is bigger than yours.  
Turn it up...?
Much less ambient noise at night so you don't need as much volume to hear.