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Review on Coda Technologies 16 Amplifier went live today
I know this is an older thread but I wanted to discuss a bit. I have a summer system and a winter system. CJ Tubes for winter (ET5 and P12 amp) and I have a NAD M23 amp for summer that I would like to pair with a SS pre. I am considering the Coda ... 
Advice needed with Tube Power Amps
LOL thats funny @tony1954 . BTW I tried the Zesto and did not like it. In fact I thought my Rogue RP7 was way better. @mulveling thank you I will check out resale on HifiShark. I think I was warned also about the length of time the item would be f... 
What are the best GaN Amplifiers available today?
Im using the NAD M23 love it!!  
Preamp Advice/experiences needed
@mulveling yes he was with VAC, He and kevin hayes split over some differences (I dont know what) . @tomic601 I dont have to run balanced. I use SE for the premieres but have balanced option for my subs. I will need at least 2 sets of outputs. I ... 
Preamp Advice/experiences needed
@fmer bingo    
Preamp Advice/experiences needed
Does anyone think the Aesthetix can give the Vac a run for the money or are they in different leagues?    
Preamp Advice/experiences needed
how do I add my system under my ID?? My system comprises of a VPI Classic II turntable with a JMW 10.5 inch arm and Dynavector 10X2L LOMC cartridge. Phonostage is a Art Audio Vinyl Reference (Designed and manufactured by K and K audio, Super Phon... 
Upgrade from Rogue RP-7
Clarity, timbre should be dynamic but doesn't have to lead the group as long as it does not sound constrained. good separation of instruments. I dont believe my RP7 is as clear as it could be. In its price range it is good but i am willing to spen... 
Peachtree GaN 1 Beta
im following this thread and I am considering the Peachtree GaN400. Can owners of the "400" tell me what their previous amps were and comparisons etc. I know the two popular amps out there are the Purifi and GaN amps. I assume they have similar at... 
Simaudio 400m / 860A vs PS Audio BHK250
I am in a similar situation as you. I want to get a good cool running SS amp. I am using CJ Premiere 12 and doubt a SS amp can please me lol  
Best High Current amplifiers stable into low impedances
has anyone compared the VTV and LSA Voyager or Warp 1 power amps?    
Which tubes are the best?
I bought the TS 6550 before the defecation struck the impeller and got the tubes cheap. They sound as good as my NOS SED Winged C  
Which tubes are the best?
resurrecting this thread. Im between new Tung Sol 6550 and Gold Lion KT88's. Preferences?  
Then there were 2
@decooney  I haven't received them yet but the owner currently has KT150's in them. I am getting full complement of KT88 and KT150s. for them. It will be a little while but as soon as I get them I will post my impressions for sure. Thanks 
Then there were 2
@yogiboy  I am purchasing the V4's. I am optimistic that they will give me the sound I am after. I didn't want the CJ sound but I didn't want the new school tube sound that is almost SS sounding. I think the QS will fall in the middle.Thanks for t...