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New Preamplifier
Again. Parts made all over the world. Who cares if you like the sound? Ridiculous.  
Affordable US Made Tube Pre/Power or Integrated Options
Used Conrad Johnson? 
Speakers that are a great value!
Magnepan 1.7s or. 7s all day long.  
Youngsters these days.
I am 59. I delayed going to CDs in the '80s as a LP purist. Then kicked myself ever since because LPs and CDs were a huge PIA. How many hours of my life were lost just cleaning LPs, how many hisses and pops did I hear even with upgrading TTs, cart... 
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
Why does it matter, at all, what they look like? What they sound like to your tastes is the only thing that should matter.  
H/K - Rabco ST-8
Why were they more expensive to make? The tracking guide assembly across the TT? And perhaps the light tonearms? No one makes one any more?  
H/K - Rabco ST-8
But, gang, what about the sound? Why did they go the way of the do-do? Why are Technics heavy tonearms still being used?  
H/K - Rabco ST-8
Right. Going back to LPs and TTs baflles me too. Was SUCH A PIA.  
H/K - Rabco ST-8
It was fiddly as hell but it blew away everything I heard at the price point at the time and again, just gorgeous.    
How many NICE looking high end floor standing speaker are there at present
Magnepans, even my big 1.7s disappear in a room.  
Need speaker cable
I use Straightwire. Great sounding, very reasonably priced product and great customer support. 
Diminishing Returns
Magnepan .7s and 1.7s if you have the power.  
Weird problem noticed last several playings...
A follow-up that isn't good: as above, I called Conrad Johnson and they said the tubes were well past their expiration date. So I had to wait a  week for tubes to arrive. I got them in today and, while it sounded better, something still wasn't rig... 
Need preamp recommendation
Have you looked into Conrad-Johnson?  
Weird problem noticed last several playings...
Because I wanted to see if people thought it was the preamp and what they thought if?t might be, duh. Why ask?