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Weird problem noticed today...
Yes BluOS tone control is off. Been procrastinating as I am afraid of result (though they are still under warranty). First I will swap left to right and see.Weird I can't seem to hear it on CD.  
Weird problem noticed today...
No any ideas then? 
I Need Some Opinions...
I don't know your tonearm but if it's low mass you probably can't go better than a Grado MI.  
These seem a bit pricey $$$
Just saying... even the latest Corvette, which might have similar statistics as any Ferrari it's like a pick-up truck to a Ferrari, I kniw. We don't understand true sports cars because we have so few roads that they're useful on.    
Whats playing on your system today?
CD: XTC, Apple Venus Vol 1... sublime stuff.  
How much is "LOUD" still a reference point for some?
I pretty much only play loud, Bach to Motorhead and everything in between, so that's my only listening range. And Magnepans still are around and still do play loud if you have the power. Have a newish pair.  
what's your opinion on the magazine 'stereo review'??
EVERY Brit magazine is worlds better than EVERY American magazine on ANY topic.  
Emotiva not so good
Compare them to anything with the same price point and power, etc. and there really isn't much. Especially if you live far from any audio stores and have to research online magazine reviews - which by the way are all very good of Emotiva.  
What are you streaming tonight?
The Cars, Master recordings, TIDAL 
Hunt for new floor standers
I second the Maggie's 1.7is! Hard to get better value.  
Artist you now like that you discovered through your streaming service
Sleaford Mods! 
Speaker cable recommendations in my budget
Straightwire.com full stop. 
Usless but interesting ....how many of you old timers started with original Large Advents?
Nope RtRs. 
Seriously considering tube preamp…opinions?
1. It baffles me, if one can afford it, why one would NOT go tube preamp. 2. If you are set on buying new you seem to have done a good bit of research and u can't really offer an opinion. But, if you are willing to buy used Conrad-Johnson really c... 
Balance knob ..
Thank newbee we'll see about that.