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subwoofer for music?
REL is outstanding for music. I used Velodyne also but it was not suitable for music, it's hardness was tiring. 
Mastersound Compact 845 with Pvsane 845T
“…845-T is a drop-in replacement for 845A and 845B, but it is not a clear improvement over 845A, while 845B generally is….” I can’t believe that someone having an amp of such a caliber could write this. The information is misleading and not true. ... 
Which REL sub, R528 or B2
I've ended up with B2. Looks better then the black cube, 528. A matter of taste. I haven't had a chance to compare them sonically. Perfectly integrates with the system. 
Best suitable 845 Tubes for NAF 845 SE
I've lost one 845B after about 6 months and another one after 2 years. They were bought from an European dealer, premium quality not the ebay, from China stuff. 
Best of current production 845 tubes?
“....Tell them that Cary aka WS_trader sent you. They will consider you an adept critical listener....” I don't even want to comment on this. Shuguang 845T Nature Serious are also famous for… excessive failure rate. 
Subwoofer Crossover Question
I use Rel sub also. Most people set crossover to high. In your case the crossover at about 25 hz should work well. Sub in a system is not only deeper, tighter bass. It affects mids and treble also. There is more micro detail, more air, the soundst... 
Need Advice on Subwoofer Selection
I recommend REL sub, hi-level connection obviously. I used Velodyne sub but was not happy with it in stereo, great for HT though. I had quality issue with it also. Rel is more musical, probably one of the most "music friendly" subs, easy to integr... 
Interconnects--power cords?
You should use Lessloss PC's. 
Signal Cable REL cable vs Speakon Custom REL cable
I purchased a REL subwoofer cable from Mark Zikhmark to replace my diy cable I was not happy with. Mark cable is good, very good. Bass is tight and deep, seamlessly integrated with the rest.When using my diy cable the soundstage had more "air", th... 
Signal Cable REL cable vs Speakon Custom REL cable
My C1 are driven by a tube amp as well... Mastersound 845, excellent amp, lifelike sound. Dyns seem to like powerful tube amps. AZ Absolute cabling. C1 go down to 35 Hz in my room. Thats pretty impressive.It can be the diy sub cable bringing a tad... 
Best value in speaker cables??
AZ would be great choice. Some time ago I tried Anti's and I've used all AZ cables. Satori was better, much better then Anti cables but Anti cable was the basic model, the only available at that time.Im sure there will be kind of synergy when usin... 
Signal Cable REL cable vs Speakon Custom REL cable
Xti16,I made a "REL cable" from same baseline Wireworld speaker cable. Sound with the sub is fuller, full-bodied, instruments more palpable etc. When I turn off the sub clarity, purity of sound slightly improves though. Do you experience the same?... 
Which REL sub, R528 or B2
Daveyf, 100% correct. 
Which REL sub, R528 or B2
You should have stuck to the male stripper career, your EGO fits.... 
Best 845 tube out there?
Nhocti, could you comment on Shuguang 845-T Natural Sound? Thanks!