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HDMI vs 5.1 analog connection
What if you only have 5 speakers and don't ever intend on setting up 7? I've been trying to figure this out too... I want the benefit of the lossless audio formats of blu ray, but if I use the player to decode and pass an analog signal to a 5.1 pr... 
Integrated used as Preamp?
Thanks for the info Rar1. That's interesting that your A3 didn't have preouts. On the CD Pre 24, I've had my eye on that as well, but they aren't easy to find and are a little outside the range I am looking to spend at the moment. If the right one... 
Integrated used as Preamp?
Rar1 - what do you mean about not all A3s having a preamp out? Are you saying there are multiple versions of the A3? According to the MF website, the A3, A300, A3.2, and A308 integrateds all have preouts. 
Integrated used as Preamp?
Thanks for the feedback thus far. To answer some of the questions...It doesn't have to be a MF integrated/preamp... I have just been looking at one to mate with my MF A308CR power amp. What I need is a good 2-channel preamp, because my system curr... 
Musical Fidelity A3cr amp -- Bridgeable?