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Best Balanced Tube Preamplifier
Cary 05 in the mix... stunning. 
Looking to get started
I think the Marantz TT that comes with a nice Clear Audio cart is a good buy. TAS has favorable reviews for it. Joey 
AV123 Mini; Salk HT3; Devore Gibbon Super 8
I go back and forth between the 2... lately, I've had on my Summits again, but a few weeks ago, it was mostly the Minis. The Minis are good speakers, but once you get up there, there's quite a lot of contenders in the >$5K range if you look. I'... 
AV123 Mini; Salk HT3; Devore Gibbon Super 8
mnicotra@twcny.rr.comGlad you found my review helpful! That's what this hobby is all about... helping others! Tauwan,Glad you like the Minis, they're good speakers arent they?Cheers,Joey 
Cant afford them, but love reading about them and their sonic characteristics. The MM3 are definitely on my "to audition" list.Joey 
Ayre C 5xe Universal vs. Cary 306 SACD
Still mulling over the possibilities here. Just got done auditioning a PS Audio Digital Link III DAC and the difference when going via digital out from the Squeezebox3 was very apparent. If this DAC is putting out this kind of music in my system, ... 
AV123 Mini; Salk HT3; Devore Gibbon Super 8
The HT3 are speakers that are touted to compare well with $10K speakers, I think that the HT3 (based on reviews from respected sources) are probably above the realm of the Strata Mini (sad to say). I havent heard the HT3 though, so take my comment... 
Cary SLP-98 vs Rogue 99.... and tube rolling?
I had both in my system a few weeks after I posted this. FOr me, the clear winner was the Cary 98 over the Rogue 99. The Cary was more musical, better sounding and responded real well to NOS Sylvania tubes... which made the 98 far better than the ... 
Ayre C 5xe Universal vs. Cary 306 SACD
I'm stuck in this dilemma... Cary 306 or Ayre 5xe.... dangit.Joey 
Best Sonus Faber for 16 sq room. ?
Who designed the Elipsa then? I heard it's nowhere near the Cremona because of a new tweeter, a new midrange, and a different woofer. 
Truely Balanced Pre Amps
Cary Audio SLP-05, truly balanced inside and out. 
Best Sonus Faber for 16 sq room. ?
Although I'm sure that the Annis are borderline too big for your room, I will have to say that if you can, go for it. Just in case you have the ability to move to a larger room and you have a technically superior speaker from the getgo. 
Magnepan vs. Martin Logan
Called the CLX. We, at the Martin Logan Club, are going to get to hear the proto at Kansas this summer at our National Meet. =) 
Best Sonus Faber for 16 sq room. ?
Thats like 4feet by 4feet.... 
Does this speaker exist or am I being ridiculous?
Spring, If you're talking to me, I had it about 3 feet or so from back wall.