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Just my observation - seems like there is less listed on AG
I think one of the issues is definitely that audiogon doesn’t condone conversations between members outside of audiogon  
Recommendation all-rounded speaker (small room)
It has to be a 2 way.  No way around that I don’t think.  Is there a budget?  
Just my observation - seems like there is less listed on AG
Zoom meetings are fun.   it’s dependent on who is on and the topic obviously   
Just my observation - seems like there is less listed on AG
Restrictions of certain aspects of the sale and in particular the payment restrictions - it has honestly turned me off as a non dealer AG seller.  Usam is much simpler and has actually just about the same buyer draw.  
Just my observation - seems like there is less listed on AG
My biggest issue with audiogon was the complex payment structures over time.  And then the difficulty with communication with buyers.  They would limit email distribution to keep the conversation internal.   I think this is the beginning of the ... 
Magico Minis with poor-quality CDs rock/pop
I know this is a necro post... but just to add my 2 cents.  Poor recordings sound musical on the Mini II.  
OCD audio guy naming shady Audiogon dealers by name
He is extremely annoying  
"Too much gain"? (Cary SLP05 question)
I would be careful with the channel volume control versus main volume. I had to carry 05 for many years, my understanding is that maxing out the individual volume controls put them out of the loop, allowing for a more transparent/better sound. I m... 
Dallas (Fort Worth) Audiophile Club - we meet every month or every other month
Zoom 7:  4/12/22 at 615pm Special Guest:  Cannot be disclosed but you have heard of him    
Review: Cary SLP-05 vs SLP-98
The ref 40 is warmer from my recollection.  It’s better overall.  
2nd systems- who’s got one?
3 systems, one dedicated, one in the family room, one in the game room  
Squeaking/Paper Crinkling Noise Coming from Lamm LL2.1
Call Lamm and see?  
Cary Audio SLP-05 First Impression
Had that pre for many years.  Excellent pre.  Sold it for an ARC.  
Would you pay more than 25% of MSRP for a used cartridge?
I don’t have a problem buying used as long as you buy the seller.   also if local... that’s a plus.   50%.  
Review of my new Butcher Block Acoustics Midnite Series Isolation stand
Pretty good Good production especially for a first time video. Constructive criticism: 1.  There wasn’t an actual functional review of the product, would be nice even if you simply compared perceived vibration by tapping the top shelf with and ...